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From home to the starry kitchens, the trend is regional.
The most powerful brands of the food have as logo the national flag.
The simplest definition to present the cuisine of a chef and a restaurant is in the firstly define its easier nature, the regional one. From the english gastro-pub to the irish or belgian pubs, until you get to South America with its many diversity, through Europe and Asia, each country has its own rules and ways of approaching the art of uniting ingredients.
The Old Continent is teaching, we just have to say french cuisine that comes to mind the delicacy of a late summer evening at a table in wrought iron, the original shabby, on a street of cobblestones with the poplars of Napoleonic reference, the gentle flavor of France between the lips and is immediately a film by Walt Disney, the same kitchen that to attempt it at home you can not help but rely on the honey advices by Julia Child, who at first advised the american women, now, 50 years after, it is a symbol of international cuisine. Kitchen, the french, whose flagship are the pastries, a real art that does not allow mistakes, traditional expression of a guilty pleasure, sugar, butter, chocolate, because in the end, the sin of gluttony exists only if it resist.
Crossing over the Alps, sin has most vivid colors and more strong flavors, its one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Italian kitchen means full belly and rosy cheeks indicating an excellent year in the glass. The classic imaginary imposes pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, in an alley in Naples or Rome, where a burly restaurateur pours its excellent red wine. Sometimes you have to admit it, especially in the cities mentioned, on the pleasure of the company of these characters is possible, but the Italian Sound, international brand now is much more, born from the many cultures that from north to south have changed the DNA of a ancient kitchen.
The pleasure is created in equipped domestic kitchens where the approach to the raw material is soaked of that respect and visceral attachment to the smell of the still not cooked.
Every Italian is basically a chef. Its nature is evident in its ability to thoroughly comb through every time even the menu of his favorite restaurant. Italian Cuisine State of Mind. There are 3 restaurants of the Bel Paese within the 50 World Best Restaurant of 2015, where we find precisely this approach to the kitchen, which is sometimes mixed with new ingredients and cooking methods and overlap of flavors that from here is exported to the world as lifted Italian cuisine, which is enhanced with flavors that come from the South of the world or from the Far East.
East, the cradle of one of the most popular cuisines and by some dreaded, from December 2013 Intangible Heritage of UNESCO, the japanese cuisine, to the sound of thin slices of salmon, tuna and eel strictly raw, has climbed the Olympus of the cuisines most spread to the world, but the Japanese have obviously a recipe book extremely varied, also rich in several firings that tend to leave intact the flavor of the raw material, by cooking everything separately and then combining them at the table.
Rich is the flavor of soups that as the tradition wants has to bring a smile to those who see the bottom of the bowl. A true art of the Japanese cuisine based on the respect of raw materials and lover of form rich in the pleasure of cleanliness and distinction of forms.
From Japan going eastwards, we come to the west, taking the Eurocentric view of the world, we meet at a perfect travel the Pacific coasts of an America, that infinitely big, offers an culinary heritage that the mere thought brings us closer to the gym.
From north to south the ingredients are not dissimilar if not the fruits, but totally changes the way you cook and the aesthetics of perfection on a plate.
From the Kitchen South American rich and diverse but full of hot flavors that make you smile at Soul Food, sophisticated daughter of a meeting of mentality and mix of cultures, gives a comfortable and buttery pillow, typical of the south of the USA which offers meals rich in flavor, ingredients, calories, colors and warmth of personalities that have the soul influenced by the Latin flavor that greets further south. Influence, the Latin, peeping in kitchens east.
From Bio to the KM 0, the attention in the kitchen of all the world is upon the origin and the production, and if it is produced in hydroponic garden behind the restaurant so much the better.
The brand therefore of the Nation is a safety for the consumer who has decided to let in those colors within its universe of brands, the flag, as the name of the cuisine give an immediate return in mind of the hungry figure, which imagines the sensations of remote locations in which would like to go or simply triggers memories of a trip lost in time.

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