Zayan Malik: with Gigi Hadid hot new video

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The warmest January ever on iTunes and Tidal.The first month of the year leaves us with a week that saw the launch of the album, of the BadGirl for excellence, Rihanna, but also with a surprise, the return of Zayan Malik, who with boyband teen, with whom he has since the beginning, and who left last year order to concentrate on his life and his music, let’s face it is believed to be thing of the past.

Blond, tattooed and in good company, he launched his first solo song. Pillowtalk, song and video of excellent workmanship, at home Malik may be satisfied with a very successful rebranding. Said goodbye to the ex, in this video is not alone, far from it, is along with supermodel Gigi Hadid, its half, at least in the video, the song with which he plays an extremely eloquent text.

This year, little seems to have paid off, in fact Zayan reveals in a video interview to iTunes, that his CD, finished, that will follow Pillowtalk not yet know when, will contain 17-18 songs, a great challenge to start. Listening the first song seems a challenge with a good chance of success.

Class ’93, had left last year friends One Direction, with which had won the talent Xfactor UK a few years ago, to live his 22 years as a regular guy.Which probably he does not suit him, but with the right success, back on the show bizz with a rebranding from mature millennials that surely will blow his old fans and surely will earn a slice of the fans a little ‘more mature. The market apparently was waiting for him, as we have seen from the clamor generated on social output of the video on Vevo.

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