Yeezy. Mr Kanye West and his vision!

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Yeezy, is not only a brand is a vision of one of the most talked-about artists, beloved, supported and hated by the general public. Kanye West, eclectic mind, is definitely a visionary, with a strong vision of the world and a clear perception of himself, constantly developing.
The brand, Yeezy was created in collaboration with Nike between 2007 and 2009, when Kanye was called from the house of the whisker to design a sneaker. The collaboration under YEEZY Brand is profitable and very exciting, and has the cleared through customs of the sneaker fetish even in a world where the fetish of men’s shoe was silent.
He, here, as in all need more space, in fact in 2013, were confirmed rumors that they see it pass the fence, from a giant to another, from more sports-related Nike to Adidas, the brand of the Three stripe, easier to fetishize, with icons in the sky they do a lot of light, just think of the Gazelle – Stan Smith – Campus. We also think of profitable brands, and who have brought so much fame, already created in collaboration. An example? We speak of pure stylistic research designed and produced with Yohji Yamamoto, Y-3.
According to the artist the decision was due to their differing needs between him and the giant.
Nike said it is more focused on as a public sport, with sports idols, contrary to Adidas.
In fact Nike devotes so much space just to the athletes and their lines, something on which the rapper has obviously had to comment, and introducing the need for liquid capital with the birth of the first heir Kardashan West.

“Also I am going to the Garden (Madison Square Garden arena in New York) and I fill it, although I’m not a professional athlete. The old me, without a daughter, would have accepted the contract with Nike, because I love this brand. But the new me, with a daughter, accepts the deal with Adidas because I royalties and I can provide for my family! I’ll be the Tupac of products. I will be the first designer Hip-Hop and become bigger than Walmart. I have to increase my income, because they are not yet at the level of Jay-Z and are not yet at the level of Diddy. ”

Leaving aside the detail of the liquidity of the new family, the 30 SKU promised by Adidas would have done throat to any creative with a minimum even mania for greatness.
And he, victim of his mania gave us today two seasons, with spectacular presentations, all in extremely brand, not Adidas, but Yeezus.
The first line was amazed, the second confirmed genius, taste very reminiscent of the post-apocalyptic genre of trilogies and quadrilogies set in dystopian future, full of heroes, the ones that Millennialz loves, characters with a troubled past, who are them despite everything, to do the protagonists of books and films in which, they would not have wanted to be mentioned, trying to save the salvageable, in a world that remembers much the our.
The road becomes the scene of a desire to relax, typical of the generation, which ferments in the torment of wanting to change things up. Starting from the completely deconstruct in this case even the casual clothing that is not more relaxed, but is pierced, the highly exclusive groviere made of wool and canvas to look to a past too formal.
The color palette is set in the same future where color is represented by a lightly washed-out military, accompanied by soft gray, white and cream. The forms are enveloping, it is pure rupture, apparently the fashion is one thing, Yeezy it is another … and what the market wants?

Let’s talk about other popular collaborations of Adidas, let’s start with the story, Stan Smith, tennis player who has made the fortune of the brand with the basic flat shoe much sold by the brand, the eponymous Stan Smith. Then there was Pharrell with its colorful SuperStar, timeless shoe brand.
We find for FarEast, a collaboration with producer and DJ known also at the center of the world, according to the Eurocentric vision, Nigo. Still in the music business are Rita Ora, with fashion instead, Raf Simons, Jeremy Scott and the list is long, but what is different from the collaboration with West? Almost everything. The branding is not “Original”, the style is unpublished and has influenced the lines not signed officially by yeezus. It is the second time that Adidas create a brand a completely new and different, the first was the aforementioned Y-3, but What distinguishes Yamamoto and West from the others? Surely a style little salable under the heading of the Three Stripes,although the first Y it’s more austere then Yeezus.
The brand is much more expendable by Adidas, because the creative director, is known at global level and with a sequel already significantly strengthened.

The potential of Yeezy, the clothing brand it is Yeezus, him, not so much the SKUs that proposed in the collection, the versatility, strength of will, the desire for revenge of a person who makes necessary the completeness of the artists.
Certainly there are those who like the friend Carter (Jay Z) has avoided collaborations aiming to acquisitions as Tidal, he’s more like a businessman in sneakers, leaving collaborations Mrs. Knowles-Carter. (read Beyoncé for TopShop)
The brandthe style, the colors are far apart, but not too much, from what has been proposed in the market. We have in fact seen a StreetWear appealing, for which we have to wait a few years to understand its effective value, the trend had already been detected, but declined in other ways, and certainly with other colors. The military recall throughout the collection is strong and understandable because most just in this moment in history.
The logo, which is very much in line, clean, minimal, and aims to finish the sentences, which sweaters, pants and shoes left unfinished. Cool, really.
And the products say a lot since the Yeezy Boost won the award best Shoe 2015.
Yeezy it is the bang of Adidas, which has torn West to Nike and gave him the space he needed.
The trend that we talked about, it is entirely transversal the sub-culture derived from the internet and developed perceptibly both online and offline. It is a trend projected into the future, unlike nostalgic air that you breathe online. It’s that feeling that to be honest has inspired dozens of books in literature these, the ones of dystopian future, which cover the bookshelves for several years, now already have turned into films. The future in which the weapon is used to not use it more, reminiscent the Achilles, with his listless lena against minor problems, with the craze for an eternity to conquer with metal. The clothes are old, damaged and colors are faded, brought by humans who wander into an inhospitable land that with difficulty tolerates their presence … It looks like a warning.

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