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Shopping is changed now we buy everything online, we can get to bring everything straight home, order dinner, shopping, furniture and furnishings, everything. I’m almost at the belief that if you can not find something on Amazon does not exist. We give little moments of humanity when the bellman that brings the result of the exercise of our credit cards, and not always when we consider the advent of drones. That said, a bit ‘addicted to street shopping like me, was missing that iota of humanity that was central in the shopping. In the century of the media overexposure of the day of all through and thanks to a lot ‘of channels already only instagram, instagram stories, and Snapchat the most inaccessible of the social for older people, because strangely more complex to understand, started the migration from facebook instead is increasingly popular even among the âgée.

In fact the new generation of the social take refuge in their mini video and temporary pictures that a growing desire for privacy overexposed. Caught this mood, mixed with almost endless dating app for any Kind of like Tinder, Gendr etc, comes an app that seems sartorially designed for the Y and Z a kind of well designed compendium of how new generations want to sell and buy.
After the short video presentation that asos has given us, thus helping us to better understand the fit of the products, now with yeay everything is easier, you scroll between the video presentation of all the products available, and you can decide whether to buy them follow the vendor, share your product or simply put a like, a viral-social-shopping-network.

A kind of mini video amazon, or rather the old Qvc in app where everyone can sell their products, and everyone can buy them, 10 or 30 seconds of video to convince the costumer to buy, a face to face relationship registered.
Begin to present their products and well-known brand names also, obviously very, very, very particular, I crossed between the different sellers the colorful DJ – Vocalist and Priducer CandyKen, selling his facial and body tattoo of a ultrapink fashion preteen, and Diana F +, plastic and vintage film cartridge camera, which brings with it a vaguely teen breath, where the coachella is a status, and young hipsters in grass trying to use the film cartridge, this stranger, instead of their iphon.
To be honest I find it a positioning, that of Diana F +, very apt, something that perhaps Microsoft Mobile with its colorful entry level could consider adopting.
From winking faces a hyper technical explanations, via video k-pop or ultra grunge, here is a glimpse of the different subcultures who meet to sell their products and their more or less modern way of being. The new generations want to explain how to do things, a small step in-app that explains a lot of change in the approach to the purchase of the new generations.
The app yeay is out by a few day, has brightly colored, almost acidic, such as faded in the sun, it is the rich diversity of the vendor, a bazaar 3.0 ordained and set as a mild social networks.
There is also a Facebook “yeaytv” channel that explains very well what awaits you in the app.
A jury will award in the coming months, with three cash prizes, the best promotional video that will charge users by the end of October.
A nice way to entice sellers to develop this new and nifty marketing channel we can call app-video-shopping?
We expect a rain of competitors.


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