Xiaomi launches into the stock exchange and lands in Italy

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You are wondering who Xiaomi is. Well it is the fourth smartphone manufacturer in the world, known only in China, but now it is organizing its worldwide expansion and will soon seem familiar to you as Samsung, Apple or Huawei.

In the coming days there will be the launch of the IPO at the Hong Kong stock exchange, the company has not yet declared how many shares will put on the market, but it is supposed to around 10 billion dollars, thus raising the value of Xiaomi to the 100 billion dollar. If this were the case, it would be the biggest IPO in China for a technological company in the last four years, after the 28.4 billion collected by Alibaba in 2014.

In Italy, Xiaomi will debut with an event on May 24th in Milan, where the first store will open, but the company has announced its intention to create a widespread network in the territory of Xiaomi dealers and that their desire is to “be loved by Italians “, so do not be recognized as a Chinese manufacturer, but rather as a manufacturer of excellent quality smartphones.

On the other hand, the world market and also the Italian market have now understood that there is low quality in Chinese production, as well as the excellent quality and the positive results that Huawei has in Europe and in the US are the example.
In fact, Huawei has paved the way for Xiaomi in markets outside of China, where it will find less distrust in the market compared to the one that Huawei encountered in its first years in international markets.
So now comes a new powerful competitor in the smartphone market and this is always a good thing, because we all know how much help the price decrease, essential for a sector that today can be declared as a mass market, which was not only few years ago.

The other aspect that we expect is clearly a further boost in the quality and innovation of products especially low-end and medium, so that more and more people can have access and become familiar with the services technology systems for the utility daily, Nfc in the first place.

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