XENNIALS WHO? The nostalgic vision of contemporary proto-hypster

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It’s newborn Microgeneration, the Xennials, reborn in the last ten minutes after being snubbed dramatically. Children of, Back to the Future, the Goonies, and series like Star Wars, which probably did not understand, are a mix of cultures, bridge between technology and the hypster flavor that has taught millennials how to dress in case, netflix in the weekend was off, and fate push you to pull the nose out of the house.
Certainly once we have found the tartan bearers, we can go through analyzing the Xennialsn decaloge.
We put on the shirt, we get on the heavy black celluloid glasses, and we go to work.
Xennials are the generation who has lived the true birth of contemporary technology. Those who were already ripe when booming with Paint on the PC, then found themselves with smartphones that have more memory and more power than their first computers, we imagine the discomfort!
U are a Xennials if:

– you did at least a couple of Mix on Cassette

– The files were never bigger than the memory of a FloppyDisck

– you have spent the evenings with your Walkman to turn and turn the cassettes after 7 songs

– You know what the fuck was the Nokia 8110

– Hotmail?

– you are nostalgic about the Fixed phone

– remember nostalgically on Sunday afternoon watching the Goonies

– if you remember Boy Gorge on the ridge of the wave

– Games on PC

– GameBoy

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