WOHA Architectures: the launch of the book at the Venice Biennale

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Img credits and rights: WOHA – Singapore

Nowadays there are two types of buildings that receive much media success, the first type is that of the “high” (not imagine how many times you have heard say, is the highest of …?) and then there are those “green.” As regards the first category, I mean that of the skyscrapers, born due to (and still the only way to) exploit the expensive and tight space in the city centers, so it has created a “race at the skyscraper” in all the world, race undertaken by various institutions both public and private, to be up to date and collect foreign investment.


parkroyal singapore

parkroyal singapore – Img credits and rights: WOHA – Singapore

As regards instead the second category, it has given rise to a movement quieter, less mammoth, which however led to the construction of many buildings, of various features, much different from each other respect to the category of skyscrapers.
The diversity in the creation of green spaces is crucial for cities that today want be put at the top of the world livability rankings, this is because in addition to providing more space for nature, which is considered a major plus in each city, such as low crime rate or the network of urban mobility services, also helps to make it less boring the architecture of the city, creating a new space of creative expression to the architects.


singapore school of arts

singapore school of arts – Img credits and rights: WOHA – Singapore

Just right the diversity, compared to the other buildings, but also among them, in the green building design, will be very important for this branch of architecture, inasmuch the heterogeneity, the intrinsic value that in nature we call biodiversity, that instead often we do not find it in architectural design unfortunately, it should certainly be enhanced because it is a factor to be calculated, both for the well-being and to increase the demand by customers, thus reflecting the natural value into economic value.
Precisely with regard to the category of “green buildings” we are pleased to bring to your attention an architectural firm that designs green buildings, very different from each other, proving to be able to create and give life to heterogeneous architectures, however that meet all the bond of research of nature and green spaces within our cities.


oasia downtown singapore

oasia downtown singapore – Img credits and rights: WOHA – Singapore

The firm is the WOHA, based in Singapore, winner of numerous awards, including the last one is the Green Good Design Award, awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.
WOHA in these days is launching a book, at the Venice Biennale, titled Mega City Garden City, where they share strategies for Green Design for the expansion of cities in tropical regions. In the book WOHA explains how landscape, urbanism and architecture can improve life in the city at the highest residential rate.
In the book, WOHA proposes five ratios to evaluate the success of a project:

Green Plot Ratio
Community Plot Ratio
Ecosystem Contribution Score
Civic Generosity Index
Self Sufficiency Indez

to conclude that environmental sustainability must develop the social one and vice versa.



royalpark – Img credits and rights: WOHA – Singapore

If you want to take a look, here’s their projects already implemented and where are located.
Highly recommended.

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