A window cleaner to rescue Banksy

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Appeared, disappeared, reappeared (and protected). The last mural of Banksy has lived what, oftes, is the almost canonical course of one of his works. The street artist from Bristol leaves his work around England, the antihero brutally vandalizes him, then the antidote comes to restore the original scenario and, for safety, i’ts safeguarded.

The artist drew on the abandoned Scott Street bridge in Kingston upon Hull, an East Riding of Yorkshire county town in the United Kingdom, a child riding an existing graffiti with a colander on his head and holding a wooden sword on its tip there is a pencil. Above, the writing ”Draw the raised bridge”, a sentence that was read as a message against who voted for Brexit, effectively canceling the bridge between UK and the rest of Europe.

Founded in the industrial area of ​​the City of Culture 201, the mural was immediately attracting the citizens after the same author confirmed the authenticity through his Instagram profile, nowadays like the bible to confirm or deny everything that may seem to have given birth from the irreverent genius of Banksy. So along with the faithful, the work has also attracted vandals who have stained the child with white paint. Soon there was a popular insurrection and while the Guardian’s website is divided between those who say that the act of a vandal was in turn vandalized and others wondering if Kingston upon Hull can truly be considered a city cultural, Mr. Jason Fanthorpe, a window washer, emerges from nowhere and has decided to take up his work-kit and clean up the drawing.

«Being a window cleaner I had the equipment and the ladder, and at first I tried to clean it only with water, but it didn’t work. I didn’t want to ruin the piece, but in the end I opted for the spirit. Now it’s a rather faded Banksy, but it’s better than a silver blobm», he told to the BBC.

A spokesman for the local administration said that the work that was provisionally covered with a semi-transparent cloth will be protected. The artist’s message, this time, is decidedly more hermetic than the previous graffiti made last May in Dover, also in England, in which a man cancels, with a chisel, one of the stars of the European Union.



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