Why this is the International Day Against Homophobia?

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Actually this is not a Thursday like the others. You will notice it!
The TV commercial is aired some weeks. Today, May 17 is IDAHOBIT, which is for International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

It is an anniversary that now returns since 2004, when it was founded by Louis-Georges Tin, editor of the Dictionnaire de l’homophobie. At 14 years since May 17, 1990, the day when the decision to remove homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses in the International Classification of Diseases published by the World Health Organization was taken. In 2007 the day has become institutionalized by the EU in response to some statements by Polish authorities against the LGBT community.

Evidently, 10 years away since May 17, there is still a need to raise awareness about the consequences of homophobia, bifobia and transphobia.
Indeed, as Ansa says: “Yesterday, the Council of Europe took note of the fact that States have an obligation to protect LGBT people from the acts of violence and discrimination they are victims and are multiplying”.

Speaking of this need was Thorbjorn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, who explained: “Discrimination and violence against LGBT people is an example of populism of the worst species and therefore poses a danger to democracy, Against which governments have to react, doing their best to end it”. Secretary-General Jagland is not concerned only with the emergence of homophobic and transphobic tendencies in Europe, but also “particularly concerned about the alleged mass persecution of LGBT people in the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation”. Jagland reminded all the states that they belonged that the Council of Europe can not tolerate violence and discrimination against them.

Yet 27 years from the day when homosexuality is no longer considerable disease, there are still those who speak of “normalization” and at worst, as in Chechnya, born real concentration camps for homosexuals.
“Homophobia and transphobia in Italy still suffers from testimony to the two murders and suicides appearing in the relationship, together with all the other submissive, invisible” this is the complaint of Arcigay’s secretary, Gabriele Piazzoni. The LGBT Association has published a report stating that 104 episodes of omotransphobia reported by Italian newspapers. The report is based on the monitoring of the Italian press and therefore reports only events reported on the mass media between 17 May 2015 and today. It would be just the tip of the iceberg of the phenomenon, according to the association.

“Not only: Lgbt people are socially fragile, exposed to the peculiar dangers of their condition. Gay and transgender people are the preferred targets of robberies, beatings and rapes. In addition, gay and lesbian when not visible become targets of blackmail and extortion. And like trans people, they are often subjected to derision, insults, restrictions on personal liberty, discrimination, bullying at school, and mobbing at work”.
“In our report there are homophobes belonging to the ruling class, politicians, public officials, merchants, students, fathers and mothers of the family, Italians or foreigners,” Piazzoni explained, and above all they are young or old. It has age, social role, geographical origin, economic or cultural extraction. It is everywhere and affects lgbt people indistinctly, alone, in pairs or in groups, in crowded and isolated places, at night or in full sunlight”, he explains.

Italy is one of the European countries where a law on homophobia does not exist yet: the bill “lies immobile for more than 300 days at the Senate Justice Commission. But they also serve cultural and welfare actions – Piazzoni – to break down the prejudice and support the target people of crimes and hate speech. In all institutional places, a serious and concrete discussion of the actions that must be put in place is opened. This is the hope we renew on the International Day and that we deliver to the institutions together with the thought for all the victims. For them, too, we must turn Italy into a better country. ”
This is the hope we also renew ourselves.

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