When the Target Ends

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More marketing than branding in this case, but other than that, as always, we take inspiration from reality to explain technical phenomena you’ll ever need for your company, in your work or at least to understand a little ‘better the fantastic world of the brands.
These days, after the release of the results of the first two quarters of 2015, from Twitter and on many specialists media, all of them are tormenting their brains to understand why arrived to today, the popular social network is no longer able to grow its users base significantly and as a result how it can do to reverse the trend.
This situation is a great example to understand that sometimes happens something at which you never think and that is that the target it’s over.
What does it mean?
We continue to use the example. Twitter is a functioning business model, solid and that is also improving its financial performance, in fact, revenues from advertising increased by 63% last quarter based year-over-year, reaching 452 million, also beating estimates which had stopped to 426.
Also the results on the sales figures have improved compared to the estimates reaching 502 USD million (+ 61%) in the first quarter 2015 compared to the expected 481.
Since we know that the online market and the web in general become more and more mobile oriented, it is to look favorably the fact that 80% of Twitter users connecting from mobile devices.
That said, where is the problem? The number of active daily users has fallen to 44% from 48% in the first three quarters of 2014. By comparison, Facebook has 65% active daily users.
The other node is that of the active users per month in the second quarter which is grew 12% from a year ago, reaching 304 million. This figure, however, is not satisfactory because from the before quarter, the Mau (Average monthly active users) were 302 million, marking the lowest growth rate since Twitter was listed on the stock exchange (2013).d
There is much debate on how to improve the marketing, how and whether to insert the e-commerce, how to make it easier to understand the use of Twitter to increase users, how to insert novelty about streaming videos, how to improve the hashtag tracking to follow the news of interest and to avoid having to browsing dozens of posts that do not interest us.
All this to Twitter is certainly useful, but we also have another idea about it, a situation that occurs more often than you think: the target it’s over.
There are no more people interested. We think that all people they could attract with this formula they have already reached all and if they want to increase the user base must change something.
Twitter is the second social network in the world after Facebook, but between these two there is a unlike huge for number of users and revenue, almost two worlds apart.
This is not only for the different marketing methods used, but because Twitter has a much more specific target.
It attracts mostly educated people, on average more adults, lovers of social networks especially inasmuch social innovation, as a people of nerd with the passion for writing, people attentive to the news, so it seems that Twitter is like a megaphone of the daily news.
One wonders, if my target has a high level of education and is a careful reader of the media, it is sure that he knows Twitter and the understanding of its operation, not so complicated for truth, certainly can not be stopped if he is really interested about this type of sharing of news and thoughts.
There is a possibility that the persons concerned are almost all already registered on Twitter and this is why there are not higher rates of growth.
It is a case that happens often, in proportion to the specificity of the target of the brand.
Sometimes it is useful do some promotional campaigns that give an example, to other types of persons other than our usual clients, about the possible uses of a product/service to which they had not thought of, or for which the product/service initially was not designed .
What is best to do in such cases?
Choices have to be well thought through. If you want to attract new market shares at times the product/service needs some customization and of some campaigns that show the novelty by inviting new clusters to the test .
From experience, only the clothing, including horology in this case, can find new clusters using just new image policies, without renewing the product.
Closed this parenthesis, the problem in these cases is always to play at the risk of losing clients loyal to which the product/service liked as it was.
Surely the end of the target should not be seen as an end of the possibility of increasing the base of clients and users, but sometimes we must be also aware that the product/service and the business model developed, have already reached their limit of potential and we don’t must waste time to agonize ourselves about how to find new customers, because if we reason always thinking at the same type of cluster there is no escape from this problem.
It therefore needs to increase the types of clients to which the product/service and the brand refer before you can increase the actual clients.

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