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Like every week I’m here writing a tech articles for MattLumine about what I consider the best tech news of the week.

But this week our crew is looking for a sustainable way to let us continue to write articles and give voice to important topics. Untill now all the guys are doing their jobs without be paid. So…a lot of claps for you gusy…but ok, let’s gon on…

So, we were looking at at some crowdfunding platform and our attention is landed on Patreon.

I don’t know if we will set a Mattlumine’s Patreon profile, maybe we will change direction, but I thought that for this week, would be a good idea talking about it, because I think it’s a superb platform and it’s anyway a tech topic.

For those who don’t know nothing about Patreon, I’ll give you an extremely short summary.

Patreon is a platform where artists, musicians, contents creators, writers, film makers and any other kind of professionists can be helped in keep doing his/her job/passion thanks a monthly paid subscription to their contents made by users that love their creations.

Almost all Patreon profiles have some different possibilities of subriscption (e.g. silver, gold, platinum), with a different number of benefits for the supporters, called “Patrons”.

Substantially, this platform is an hybrid between a crowdfunding platform and a platform for abbonaments subscriptions.

What make Patreon great and different from any other platform I think is the enviroenment. This platform is really full of incredible creative minds. You can find out a creator of web series as well an american girl who had more than 190 Muay Thai fight matches in Thailand, where she lives, who is writing a legendary book about Muai Thai.

I think Patreon, for this reason, is one of the most interesting place to visiti on internet, because you can find fantastic personal stories, awesome abilities and a lot of creativity.

What I asked to myself the first time on Patreon was: what is the difference for us in MattLumine between to have an abbonament subscription system to unlock the contents on our magazine and set the users subscriptions on Patreon?

I found these two reason that make Patreon better choise (my personal vision):

  • first, as I told above, is the enviroenment. People who is looking for something creative I think always take a look on Patreon, if they know it. I took a look in Patreon and I found out of charts contents.

    So, probably, if you are looking for users that can understand your creativity and want help you in keep going on through your passion making something beautiful and helpful, Patreon can be a very good platform, because there are already people ready to understand you.

    In a few words, you can find there your target.

  • Second reason is about the brand. Patreon is created on the sort of a crowdfunding platform (speaking about the brand) so I think when an user decides to help a creator to keep working on his/her passion, buying the possibilites to join his/her contents, thu user isn’t feeling only to subscibe an abbonament, but even doing something good for that person.

    This is something totally lost in the usual industry and market process. Who think to be helpful at the payment of the salary of a journalist when buys a newspaper? Nobody, or very few.

Substantially Patreon created a platform that remove the distance between the user and the content creator, making feeling the user part of the work developing process.

Patreon takes this attitude from the classic crowdfunding platform, where you can see step by step (usually) the development of the product or service you gave your money contribute to.

In Patreon the product or service is (usually) already done, but what you can see is the creator that keep going to make other products/services in an endless step by step.

In the end, if we will join Patreon, I hope we will be good as the other guys I found out on the platform and I even hope I make you interested to take a look on Patreon, because there are many special guys struggling in making many special things.

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