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Today I want to talk about a cultural project developed and carried out by the WeTransfer team.

If you are not a fan of the web probably you don’t know WeTransfer, but anyone who needed to transfer files over 50Mb is almost always resorted to this site/tool: wetransfer.com, which allows you to send files up to 2Gb for free and then even beyond 2Gb with paid plans.

In addition to this fantastic and infinitely useful service, now they have put their passion for digital even on another project.

The title is: WePresent.

Subtitle: Unexpected stories about creative minds.

Curated and created by WeTransfer. Time well spent.

It is a project-container of other projects, all artistic.

I do not do artistic reviews, but as a passionate user of art and technology, it seems useful to give you the advice to view it. Below are some of the projects that impressed me most, with the direct link.

The first in order of scroll is a project between visual, sound and documentary. It is a collaboration between Björk & Jesse Kanda, the video is visually both powerful and very descirttivo. It’s called “Work in Porgress” talks about how collaborations really work. You can see the video here, instead for all the info click here: https://wepresent.wetransfer.com/story/work-in-progress-episode-1-bjork-and-jesse-kanda/


The second is a project by the digital artists Pinar Demirdag & Viola Renate, you find both images and videos. There is pop, there is digital, there is Dada. They talk about folders as time capsules: https://wepresent.wetransfer.com/story/pinar-and-viola/


Enough is Enough. Many artistic declinations of the same sentence. The game is to see how the same phrase can have a different meaning each time. The works are: Edel Rodriguez, Kate Moross, Ashley Lukashevsky, Eike König, Henning Wagenbreth, Camila Rosa, Brian Elstak.


Interactive, complicated project. There is talk of a mother, a daughter and guns.

Interactive art is among those that most compel us to interact with the artwork, I recommend it.

Moreover, this work, together with the next two projects, are part of the “WeTranser Against Gun Violence – People are done with fear being the norm. So are we. “


Veterans for Gun Reform. Photos and videos of war veterans who want a reform for using weapons. The project was designed by the Iraq war veteran Kyle Hausmann-Stokes. The comparison between external and internal war in the USA hits the target of the lack of human intelligences that we have put in goverment of ourselves.


Again with regard to the problem of the law on weapons in the USA, Kathy Shorr called her photographic project: “There really is no sanctuary in America that is immune to gun violence.”

Photos and stories of those who will always carry the signs of arms with them.


These latest projects have a relevance that we can not fail to take into consideration given the moment we are going through and the demonstration in Washington a few days ago.

The WePresent project, however, also contains many other artistic creations, more ludic or with different themes that certainly deserve your look.

Here the link to the home: https://wepresent.wetransfer.com/

Kudos to the WeTransfer team, another great service.

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