Welcome on Board: Come Together on H&M Lines Winter Express

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Burberry had already thought, when last year, had entrusted the Christmas commercials director Asif Kapadia had directed for the occasion Sienna Miller and the intense Domhnall Gleeson.
Then it was the turn of Kenzo who delivered to the American director Spike Jonze the task of creating the video for new perfume.
Nothing new. Because the union Chanel- Baz Luhrmann, starring Nicole Kidman as the protagonist, to the tune of “Clair de lune” by Claude Debussy. We all still remember it.
Now, the winning partnership between great directors and the fashion world has arrived in the ready-to-wear, even the “fast fashion”.
Yes, because last November 28, has befallen Wes Anderson to direct the spot-Christmas short film for H & M.
Starring Adrien Brody, who has already traveled on a train led by Anderson in the film “The Darjeeling Limited”.
At Christmas Short Film Brody plays the driver of a train, the H&M Lines Winter Express, that because of the bad weather has delayed for more than 11 hours, arriving at 3 am and then lose on Christmas Day.
The passengers, of course H & M clothes, while listening to the message they are alone, each in his bunk with a gift to take to someone who is waiting for them.
The conductor does not lose heart and to the tune of a Christmas carol organizes the Christmas brunch complete with a shaft and tip.
Anderson’s hand is recognizable from the first frame, in pastel colors, in modernism that characterizes the train and I would say even in the “train” itself. Why have you never seen an Anderson respecting film where there is not a train?
Well, this four-minute short film, called “Come Together”, sends a clear message, as the starring Adrien Brody, “has many references in this particular time when all you should do is to give a hug to a stranger” .
H & M this year has done a bang. Even if, you thought about, it last year had entrusted its advertising campaign to sugary Katy Perry singing “everyday is holiday”. But already in 2014 Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett, in a glittering setting style Great Gatsby, wished happy holidays.
So if H & M to date had obtained degrees faces in his spot, now also he has a big name even behind the camera!

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