UE Free InterRail Pass to all teenagers: next to the new hostel vision

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Belonging, it helps to define borders and structure of a particular social system, be it a group, association, movement or state.
Today we speak of seeking unity in Europe, which would seem to loosen the ties every day, after the British decision to get out of Europe, the continent’s political capital comes the proposal to give the opportunity to all the teen, the newly 18years, a complimentary ticket package for travel between European countries.
A way to stimulate the creation of a unique identity, or at least a new identity, that of a united Europe, sentiment that the pre internet generations, sorry to say, have not, he has not been transmitted and who naively did not receive or wanted perceive, and against which they are thrown. As opposed to those with internet and travel as InterRail could build their own, an international identity far from the closure of generations who prefer to do for them rather than for everyone, not perceiving the global influence of such a choice.
Said this, lawmakers are hoping the opposite, hope to make young people understand what it means to an open market, an open Europe, as it can do well, the experience of creating an identity widespread, something that goes beyond the nationality, language, borders, beliefs and political ideologies or religious, differs in thinking, enlarges the boundaries of each eye.
Despite the cost of this project, enormous, it speaks of more than a billion a year, whereas European citizens who turn 18 years every year about 5 million. The first step towards this opening, coming from Brussels, a wheel from Bel Paese, Italy, with its Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who recently revealed his plans to give € 500 to every 18 year-old, as a pass cultures, the scheme called ” good idea “, to which Germany also seems to agree, and are now waiting all other nations.
This seems like a nice way to pass the economic crisis, terror and the idea of little rosy future, monster that now educates, to fight through the move horizons and change modes.
Said this, I personally did not hear the word InterRail, and the word hostel for a long time. There are many ways to travel, to better enjoy the place you view, and enjoy the vibrations of a trip.
The warmth, the heart of the city you feel by living as long as possible, the night becomes relative, at least the part where you sleep, hence the futility of the support place that prove the younger generation, at least those who have started to wander at the end of last century, a bit ‘like their uncles than half of the same century.
In the strange 90, the word InterRail and hostel were very used and a synonym both of discomfort, low budget, and long days spent strictly with comfortable shoes, to visit the city, a museum, a gallery, a pub and a nightclub at time.



Nearly two decades after the music has changed a lot, or nearly so, the X have changed, or rather they grew, many have procreated, have followed wars, popes, trends, we have witnessed the arrival of the Hipster … that changed much , and the hostel has lost the sense of traveling at a very low budget, and with time it has become a place of design, to exchange ideas, more and more sought, places to give birth and or developing trends.
A bit like the houses of those now ex undergraduate, which were content of the cot, and then discovered the design, all in all the modern antique and the recovery, giving space to bearded architects and interior designers. Hostels from dorm rooms in which you slept in N persons, have become super cool rooms, part of particularly comprehensive facilities, including a restaurant and bar, with many different services, beautiful places where you can savor the lifestyle of those free thinkers who loved the inconvenience, but now they do not unless of beauty and technology.
Replaced the maps purchased at newsstands, or Lonlyplanet with Google Maps and Foursquare, cities have no more secrets on smartphone screens, you can not miss the line of the metro or tram.
One of the examples of these cathedrals of nostalgia, that are now trendy places studied in detail are for example Generator Hotels, which I might call the hostel boutique?
These are exactly the hotels you expect in Europe, and many now are the jewels in the crown of the chain, the stronger the coordinated style of all, but they seem very well designed for the place in which they were immersed, and the reviews confirm.
Stockholm, Rome, Paris, London, Venice, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc etc etc … each with its own soul, but loyal to the brand. Continue to maintain the soul of the sharing economy, that’s for sure.
We arrive at prices that depart on average across Europe from 22-25 Euros per night in the dormitories with N people. For those who have not yet given up the spirit of a true traveler, or for those neo 18years of European citizenship which will be given the Euero-free pass, but definitely rich places of style from those where uncles, and older brothers slept traveling , but still dormitory is, until prices less from the hostel for a private room with private bathroom and why not with an enjoyable terrace.
The desire to try not missing, the offer is varied, bar and restaurant, in these hotels are researched as the design, leave it to a Yuccie, and see what puts you in a glass or plate.
You hear the challenge fragrance, to the young neo giant of the journey that has become AirBnB, which responds with thousands of small realities around the world, and for all budgets.
At the end the accommodation structures have had to invent something in order to stay afloat, and why not do it with style?
That remains is to choose the right destination and decide whether to go to the hotel, hostel or renting an apartment and then leave ….

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