Uber: The Futile Lite

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Let’s talk about Uber, company in San Francisco that has realized its namesake app relative not so much to the car sharing, but the more to the share economy.
What does it mean? Uber is an application related to different types of services which were related to car mobility services, but unlike other applications where you share a car or a taxi to divide the expenses between the various passengers, Uber provides a private car with its driver. So in the first case we speak of Car Sharing, in the second not, because there is no sharing of the means of locomotion.
This is the crucial issue for which all over the world, each according to its own laws and also according to the will of the various unions of taxi drivers, Uber is undergoing a campaign to make it illegal.

Let’s have a look. These are the Uber services:
UberX- The low cost option to Uber, the race is carried out in a family car.
UberTAXI- The classic taxi Uber version.
UberBLACK- The “original” option to Uber, the race takes place on a sedan.
UberSUV- The driver will be at the edge of an SUV.
UberXL- The driver will be in a car with 6 or more seats.
UberLUX- The race takes place through a very stylish and expensive car.
(Source: Wikipedia)
For these services the problem varies depending on the laws of the various countries in which it operates Uber, but we say that the basic categories of taxi drivers in the world are opposed to the fact that the drivers of these cars can do essentially the same job their , without ever having paid the expensive licenses that every taxi driver has to buy before you can start the business.
Other thing is instead the last service arrived in the Uber house: Uber Pop. In this case we speak of a car sharing service, but abnormal, because it is about sharing a car, or rather, it is to hitch a ride from private to private, but the fact remains that the payment will still be made to the company Uber.

Well, we come to the point, we give an explanation of the success of Uber from the point of view of the market. Should be given because it responds to the crucial question, namely: why Uber, despite having so many people against, despite having prices equal and sometimes even higher than those of taxis, although there are also apps taxis in each city subway to compete with it, although it is difficult to legislation in many countries, it continues relentlessly on its way to success dictated from increasing downloads of the app?
The answer, like almost everything about the today and the future market is in the Millennials.
In fact for the Millennials, who grew up on bread and web, do not care about the taxi, the taxi is an old means for him/her, is something like “that thing was using by my father.”

The Millennials see those born on the web as a “local” and those who come after, that is, starting from the physical world, as a “stranger”. The millennials feel and are a generation capable of producing a change that has not been seen for centuries and perhaps has never seen before, are the most technologically advanced generation and with the higher spending power of human history, strong of this, they will never stop in front of some injunction as was done in some countries to stop Uber. Because the speech is not about to say Uber yes or Uber not, emerge daily new apps for each type of thing and many for the mobility, it is bad to be said for those who have spent so much money for his taxi, but customers that remain to them are almost only those from the generation of Baby Boomers, legislation for or legislation against, because you know, change is the only constant, and for millennials is the first generational purpose.

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