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twitter 10000 characters

Twitter 10000 characters
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How would be the brand of Twitter 10000 Characters

The rumor comes from website specializing in technology Re/Code and the news is one of those that makes the earth shake, but especially the cyberspace: Twitter could go from 140 to 10,000 characters.
Everything on which was based the social network of nerd for excellence could be wiped out and become what all users expect: a daily live news globally shared with millions of writers available.
Twitter 10000 characters in fact make it possible to describe the daily news and their opinions with a certain accuracy, even if the speed of use would be affected, but maybe not.
In fact, the timeline of Twitter has always been a bit ‘problematic to manage, because mostly if you have a large number of people followed you risks always having to chase the content. For that Twitter has introduced the lists, which can help you manage the content, management which had to be simple thanks to search for hashtags, but you know, the hashtags are often not used properly and to know what we are looking for we should read dozens of tweets that does not interest us.
Returning to the 10000 characters, maybe the rumor was made out specially to see how the world reacts in the web to this news and see if the comments are positive or negative, but the fact remains that Twitter has from a long time been a need for shake away little ‘dust, something that we had already discussed some time ago (, assuming that Twitter did find it hard to register new users inasmuch its target, those who love Twitter as it is, understand it and fully appreciate it, were already registered and to all the other of Twitter as it is now are not interested.
In fact, the 140 characters are great for instant news, but is not when you want to articulate a response. Twitter also proved is a valuable megaphone in the world of journalism and of the daily news in particular, thanks to tweet and retweet pounding that is created on every event of the day, from economics to sports.

Maybe in San Francisco, home of Twitter, are thinking of becoming great, passing from being a microblogging social network to be a blogging social network and go from being the megaphone of the journalism to be the voice that led the journalism of the future?
The brand will take a far greater value, becoming almost certainly the world’s most important journalistic institution in a short time without losing its charm of today, because Twitter 10000 characters, not in itself exclude the possibility of continuing to write short periods and continue using Twitter as it has been.

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