TV SHOW: It May be That Charmed will be return on the small screen?

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One of the most viewed series of the ’90s and’ 00s is in the process of revival, well then it Charmed, could return to the small screen.
It has increased the MTV generation between spells and an unforgettable theme song to the tune of The Smiths
CW TV which commissioned the new pilot of an hour, the series defined by Mark Pedowitz as “a self-contained, Show” self-sustained, will return very different, a prequel that no prequel, the triad will not be formed by the historical three sisters, the three women will not even be inbred, but will gather to fight evil together in New England even more SanFran, in the 70s of last century.
Different but definitely exciting, when we await the green light for a pilot and then we will wait anxiously for the new series.
old star and producer of the historical series, wish the best to the new protaginiste.

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