Troye Sivan Unveils Powerful Video for ‘Heaven’: for all fighter!

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heaven, the new single of the South African-Australian singer Troye Sivan, is dedicated to all the fighters in history, before and after him, that they will fight for their rights, as Harvey Milk, the new generations around the world for a LGBTQ communities, increasingly unit.
It was released a few hours before Settlement the White House of the new American president.
Thanks to the timing of publication, and the theme treated the young songwriter, though he is not a US citizen, it asserted that – this is the most important job I’ve ever made-, one of the most intimate and personal works.
Thinking cultural evolution of a couple of generations at least the last, as Millennials, and Z, are at the same time countries that call themselves – evolved – where the basic rights of this community, LGBTQ, and not only come least where the rights of a person dissolves into the fanaticism of another.
There are times where so-called “Mature” should learn from the young.

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