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The Nanny, a 90’s fashion icon back queen of style today.
The nanny, one of the most watched TV show between ’93 and ’99, and even today looped in all countries.
It is the story of Francesca Cacace, Italian American nanny for a family Anglo-Americanan the Sheffield, in 6 years of programming with 8 series, she Fren has become undisputed style icon of the New Yorker Chip par excellence, by Moschino to Mark Jacobs, all brands tip then, that even today make us dream on the catwalk and in stores.
Actual more than ever of the chip-style icons, irreverent and super sexy squeezed in miniskirts, more mini, with bouffant that defied all the laws of physics, she has educated to the style, fleets of colorful designer, young girls and addicted to fashion, between her and sex & the city the 90s cocktail it’s ready.
An overview of the style icon, than yesterday like today, we find in the new blog / Instagram account, Fran What Wore.
But why she actually has become a style icon of this caliber? Of course the personality of the character played by Fran was definitely bubbly and carefree, just like the 90s prosperous period where the futile it was necessary as air, and right now we are in a diametrically opposed period the need is to to breathe an air lighter than, where fashion as always is a social mirror, from Moschino with Jeremy Scott who always offers a colorful vision of a New York post Andy Warhol is the chip explosion that meets the 90s street art of that big apple that really never slept.
The pleasure of watching a comedy of 90s just as the nanny for me is comes back a child, as with all millennials addicted to TV, of which parents said in a threatening tone to go to study, and that TV was bad … without knowing that we were watching the future, at least in that case, of a multibillion dollar industry like fashion, at the end after the series the chip strand never died, yes, more and more several among the designers files belonging to the colorful trend.
Until yesterday the costume reacted to the crisis by stretching the hems and soften the angles, now dreaming in colorful clothes looking to regain lost lightness, just look at when the line exactly Chip & Chic by Moschino was relaunched.
Lightweight least on the surface, motivated, fun and why not sexy, sometimes the color is terribly necessary, but only when it is so much and brash, colorful neon shining.
At the end the Nanny and Mr. Sheffield get married, she does not change, as the trend of which she is still an icon, always remains that taste of colorful and cheeky lightness.

here whatfranwore


I finally watched the finale of The Nanny…🙊. Of course Fran’s final outfit is from the Moschino Cheap & Chic collection.

Una foto pubblicata da Fran Fine Fashion (@whatfranwore) in data:

Fran’s very first Moschino outfit 🍉🍒🍌🍊🍓🍋

Una foto pubblicata da Fran Fine Fashion (@whatfranwore) in data:

1995 John Galliano Dress

Una foto pubblicata da Fran Fine Fashion (@whatfranwore) in data:

Todd Oldham 1994 😍😍

Una foto pubblicata da Fran Fine Fashion (@whatfranwore) in data:

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