Tourism in Queens: discover the authentic New York

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Tourism Queens. Img credits: Chris Goldberg
Outside from the America until a few decades ago, New York meant Manhattan, if you said Brooklyn you thought only to the bridge, the Bronx was known only for the movies about drugs while about Queens and Staten Island you just do not knew anything.
Today we receive news from the city of New York, properly by Time Warner Cable News, which tells us that the Queens is slowly becoming a tourist destination. In 2014 were more than 12 million people who are going to visit this borough and many came from countries outside the States. Today, the district employs approximately 50,000 people in the tourism sector for a total revenue of over $ 5 billion.
As we wrote in another article about New York, each borough or street and square is a brand in itself, but if we speak of the borough we have to think that these are real cities in their own right and not just brands. If we think of the Queens, we must take into account that it is a huge area and a borough that for its population would be the fourth most populous US city with 2.2 million inhabitants, where there stand two of the biggest airports the country, the John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia, it is also home of the New York Mets and of the US Open.

In fact, those in New York are not neighborhoods, but Borough, which have within their various neighborhoods. For example, Brooklyn is a borough and Williamsburg is one of its neighborhoord, the Queens is a borough and Long Island City is one of its neighborhood and so on …
The interesting thing about the rediscovery of the Queens is the motivation with which many tourists explain their desire to visit this borough still little known: the desire to discover something authentic.
For many tourists, Manhattan is too touristy and obvious, they want to see how are the real New Yorkers, how is the true life in that city, discovering a borough that later proved to have been the most important figure for the artistic growth of New York and of the United States.
The three largest arts born in the United States, are all start from New York and two of these were born right in Queens. Apart from the comics, the first form of American art to have great success outside the borders of the US, published for the first time on the New York World, from Queens were born the arts, once upon a time considered minor, ie graffiti and jazz, two true revolution of the nineteenth and twentieth century. In particular, for our days it was critical to the acknowledged paternity to the Queens as a native land of the most extensive art that the planet has ever seen, the graffiti. Considered by many as a real art and by others only a problem, the fact remains that it was and remains a method of expression for those in society never has a say, a voice that thanks to the explosion of global Banksy phenomenon It is undergoing a second wave of success after the nineties.

This trend to rediscover the authenticity leads people to prefer a visit in Queens, maybe to the house of the greatest jazz musician, Louis Armstrong, in place of more traditional destinations such as could be Times Square.
This trend to rediscover the authenticity of the places is part of the largest current of our times, that of the Glocal, ie the global trend to want to rediscover what is truly local. It is a current that we see so much in the fashion, which even is going to seek tribal motifs to put on the garments, we see a little ‘less in music, still so instead in the food sector, which is pointing to km 0 food and as much in the travel sector, where the today’s customer is reluctant to do experiences “of Hotel” all the same, to find out the true origins and the moods of the people who of the places and their unique culture.
Cultural peculiarities that right in Queens can be found as in few other places, because immigrants are 47.6% of the population, proving to be a symbol of the land of multiracialism, as is New York and as are the States.

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