The third law of dynamics applied to Trump

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Meryl Streep

The third law of dynamics states: “to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” well it resumed in film concept like “V for Vendetta” and we could also say for the campaign and for the first steps of the now President Trump.
It seems that the world and especially the United States has not yet digested the election of Donald Trump, the new occupant of the White House.
Just when the time Obama seems to be over, the reactions continue to be felt.
Courageous and do particularly vociferous, it was Meryl Streep to launch the last attack in his acceptance speech for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremony Golden Globe. A long and unusual speech for a ceremony, in which the Streep talked about politics and what they can do the actors, artists and journalists to try not to indulge the racist and xenophobic intentions of the new president. The actress knew to find fertile ground because the Golden Globes are awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which brings together international journalists covering film and television.
“Right now we belong to the group of people most vilified of American society. Think about it: Hollywood, foreigners and the press, “said Meryl Streep, listing a series of great American actors were born and raised in other countries, before explaining:” Hollywood is full of outsiders and foreigners, and if we hunt them all will not stay another to watch the football and mixed martial arts, which are not really art”.
He then aimed directly at Trump referring to the episode of the election campaign in which the super billionaire had called and imitated a disabled journalist. “It broke my heart when I saw -commented the attrice- and I can not out of my head because it was not a movie, it was real life. And this instinct to humiliate the other, when it is played by someone with public visibility, someone powerful, comes in the life of everyone, because they authorize others to do the same. The lack of respect due to other disrespect, violence incites more violence, and when the powerful use their position to abuse others, we lose all. And this brings me to the press: we need the press to hold off the power, this is the reason why our founding fathers wanted his freedom was recognized by the constitution, “concluded the actress.
The Trump certainly response was not long in coming. “Meryl Streep, one of Hollywood’s most overrated in Hollywood, do not know me but I still attacked last Golden Globe evening. It’s a Hillary toadies who straperso. For the hundredth time, I never “made fun of” a disabled journalist (I would never do) but I have only shown as “creeping” when he changed version of an article he had written 16 years ago just to make me look bad. The usual average dishonest! “Tweeted the new president who continues to march on his discredit line, maybe not including the weight of his new role.
Meryl Streep is not the only woman of the show to line up against Trump. The Dolce & Gabbana Italian designers seem to have been boycotted during the Golden Globes ceremony, where only the actress Karry Washington seems to have worn their creations. Yet the Italian fashion houses are among the most popular on these occasions.
But according to the third law of dynamics it was to be expected.
When Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and many other designers have refused to dress Melania Trump, after the election of President, Dolce & Gabbana said they were proud to see their creations worn by the new First Lady of the United States. The controversies have not had to wait especially after the appeal launched by the French designer Sophie Theallet, asking designers to not dress the First Lady Melanie. An appeal that seemed to fall on deaf ears and only signed by Humberto Leon, the team of designers of Opening Ceremony and Kenzo said conducive to the appeal, but without ‘sign anything. “None should dress Melania, and if you buy your clothes, clarified that not supported his cause,” he said Theallet. The same opinion the Fashionista website, which boasts 2.5 million readers a month, in an editorial he explained how he intended to follow the fashion choices of Melanie: “We do not want to have no part in the normalization of the Trump family, especially with regard to choices of the First Lady. Do not we want to help humanize or shed light on an administration that represents a threat to women, minorities and immigrants”.
More politically correct the President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and a supporter of Hillary Clinton, Diane Von Furstenberg, who had written to members of the organization, inviting them to “embrace the differences, to be open-minded, to be generous,” giving it a chance.
The polemic against Dolce & Gabbana would therefore subsided here, if Stefano Gabbana had not publicly thanked Melania Trump to have worn during the New Year celebrations in Palm Beach, Florida, a little black dress for $ 1,950 from the Cruise Dolce & Gabbana collection, with two small bows on the shoulders, adorned with a jewel. The designer thanked proud posting a photo on social networks. Were the immediate negative reactions to the post. The negative comments and exaggerated insults were not long in coming.
Let me be clear, the Trump bought that dress if it is alone and Dolce & Gabbana knew nothing. Now do not you know that the fashion house will choose Melania Trump for the installation ceremony at the White House, to be held on January 20. One thing is certain consequences, or rather the reactions, are less frivolous than you think.

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