The Trump Effect

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If you googolate Donald Trump, among the various researches suggested by the search engine will see: home, family, Putin, Berlusconi and especially hairpiece. Geezer event, if we think that this is the 54th president of the United States.
Nevertheless, we should not be fooled because “Trump effect” is more serious than you think.
Yes, the first formal act of the President was to sign the executive order which establishes the US withdrawal from the trade agreement with the 11 countries bordering the Pacific.
An agreement that Barak Obama had strongly sought, but Trump considers “dangerous for the American industry.” An easy act, since the partnership agreement trans pacific had not yet been ratified by Congress. But it is also an act that would seem in line with the turn protectionist that Trump has promised in his inaugural speech.
I say “seems” because it is, in fact, an agreement which tends to favor trade relations with Asian countries, and therefore also with China, so discredited by Trump during the election campaign.
“The January 20, 2017 will be remembered as the day when the people came back to rule the country. The forgotten people will no longer be forgotten “Trump said during his acceptance speech.
He had in front of him his supporters and behind many of the presidents who preceded him. “America will be first,” he annotated, talking about trade and the labor market.
“For many years we have enriched the foreign industry at the expense of the US -said the president- we defended the borders of other nations, and not ours. From today there will be a new vision: America comes first. Any decision on trade, taxes, immigration, will be taken on foreign benefit of American workers and American families. We must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries that destroy our products, our companies steal and destroy our work. America will return to win like never before. We will resume our jobs. We will resume our borders. We will resume our wealth. And we will resume our dreams. We will rebuild our country with American hands and American jobs. We will follow two simple rules: American and American assume buys “.

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But what you think is the Trump effect on the world?
Easy to say, just look at the stock market trends and especially read the foreign press. And while Wallstreet reacts to every tweet of the “avalanche Trump,” Bernard Guetta, France Inter, writes: “the reason why we can not judge the new president according to the tweet, but we must focus on the decisions that starting tomorrow it is that, regardless of the Republican majority, Congress will not allow him to do everything and its opposite, especially with regard to the Atlantic Alliance in which the two rooms and the two main parties are deeply linked”.
And then he adds: “Trump might have nothing in common with the candidate Trump? We do not know, but we have two certainties. The first is that Trump will be an unpredictable president, not only because it is fickle and ignorant of many aspects but also because the element of surprise is an extremely effective weapon of which knows how to use. President Trump will fuel many fears and therefore instability in the international arena. ” But what is perhaps more interested in the president, as reiterated Guetta is that Trump’s interest to reduce the fiscal pressure and social and environmental safeguards.
For Hadelsblatt, the most important economic newspaper and read by the Germans, the speech given by Trum more than a presidential speech was “a veritable declaration of war” Europe and its most powerful country, Germany.
For Moritz Koch, the intervention of Trump was “anything but conciliatory and hard as those made during his campaign” for president. A very strong reaction, but as explained to Reuters, the relations of Germany with the United States, the Berlin trading partner, will be a hot issue that is discussed much during the campaign of the first economy in Europe, go to vote in September.In short, “the Donald” seems like a bomb ready to explode. By the way, as we remember the, Trump “will receive today the nuclear codes: the good news is that no one has ever used them, the bad news is that if you could do it, it might.”
Can only hope: “Good night and good luck!”, In the words of Edward R. Murrow, a famous reporter of CBS.



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