The Oscar Goes To: Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Revenant”

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The eighty-seventh Academy finally see Leonardo DiCaprio won a well-deserved award for Best Actor for The Revenant. It is the story of a merchant of fur, it is an intense character in an equally intense film in which Leo was accompanied by Tom Hardy, another actor for which the past year has been very productive, in fact we saw him starring in ” MadMax – Fury Road ” production too was rewarded.
As said, Leo deserved this Oscar, not only for the award-winning film Iñárritu, among other winner of the award for best director and best photography, because Leo has finally won an award that would also have deserved the dawn of his career, who until last night had always gotten out of hand.

The Oscars are an institution born in ’29 of the last century, honors the best of national and international cinema and was founded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just three years before the opening of the exhibition of the Venice Film Festival, other sector institution.
Rewarded in this edition were the greats of the cinema and others very young, among the bigs we can not fail to mention the best soundtrack for which the prize was awarded to Ennio Morricone, who wrote the musical background of the eight effort of Tarantino “The Hateful Eight”, timeless giant of world cinema, artist of Roman origins that with his notes did excite several generations of fans of the western genre.
Revelation of recent years however is Alicia Vikander, non-protagonist of the last memorable work of Tom Hooper, the Danish Girl, in which she starred with Eddie Redmayne oscar award, also nominated this year for Best Actor.
This masterpiece of Hooper has touched the hearts of many.
For lovers of technology and films that lying on the edge of an emotional knife, Ex_Machina, first work of Alex Garland wins for best special effects, a real work of art, a film that touches keys and themes, which for a long have created questions and that more and more in the future will generate debates. In fact, the film deals with the issue of A.I., artificial intelligence, in this case in the mechanical body perfectly rendered by computer graphics, of course, but in the body of the fresh Oscar prize, Alicia Vikander.

Young people continue to win, in fact Sam Smith wins the award for best original song with the soundtrack of Spectre, the last 007, which apparently brings good luck to the British uvula given by Adele Oscar for Skyfall, the 007 2013.
The Academy is always accused of snobbery and be always a little ‘distant from the people who actually goes to watch the films, this year instead has listened to popular opinion, certainly this is true for Leonardo DiCaprio, Pride of the Yankees and the social networks, also protagonist of a videogame in which he runs to take the wanted award and that, in our opinion, would have to receive a least a pair, for past productions and labors, starting from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape of the ’93, in which he explained to the world his greatness .
This year, more than ever, the award has been close to those who give the possibility to the cinema to make cinema, the Academy’s choices reflected in many respects the choices of the public, rewarding young people, institutions and finally Leonardo DiCaprio.
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