The new Tod’s structure: Della Valle had said “Creative Director is no longer needed”

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diego della valle

The words of Diego della Valle, at Luxury Summit organized by Il Sole 24 Ore last week were very clear, Tod’s does not need a creative director. Phrase affirmation that despite the ambiguity has not sparked any fuss, indeed it seems to have passed on the sly.
They was talking about of the Facchinetti exit, after three years at the creative helm of the brand of the Italian middle luxury brand, has abandoned the ship.
ella Valle commented that, the creative director very often turns into a figure which slows the projects, and that in June will unveil the new corporate structure, scheme that has sparked my curiosity, central is figure out if we will see at the creative helm, a financial analyst who will decide the fate of the Italian loafers most exported to the world.

It’s certain, it’s a brand with a vision of the product so defined and unchanged, it’s difficult to manage creatively. It has a shape such that whoever is at the helm is turned into what the week before was sitting in the same chair.
The Patron of Fiorentina, also commented on the new fashion trend, “see-now buy now”, something unthinkable in his view, since the luxury needs to settle and create the need and very often the icon.
This indeed is a difficult subject, and it becomes complex for luxury get a view of the Fast Fashion “see now buy now.” Ms. Fashion is slower, it can’t be easy for her ankles, to chase thre Fast Fashion, although some brands like the English Burberry, are trying this kind of approach.
It is easy to see why Mr Della Valle, and his entourage, why they could think to put nobody at the creative helm of the brand, we speak about an icon, who needs no introduction, known throughout the world and desired by many, expresses a status that many, still wish to wear as armor.
But the target ends if you do not renew, the clientele is fleeting, and the name of a creative director can sometimes affect on sales. It is certain that the new generations, at least a good portion of them, is moving away from the classic canon of elegance in white shirt and moccasins, but still fleets of kids and their parents will ensure a great sales to the brand.
Is also expressed on the new designers who in his opinion, that talking about the style, they know nothing, takes the statement that also becomes risky,hard the statement, which also becomes risky, and remains always in the perspective which the style is one, theirs.
But maybe it’s time to wonder about how the sector is evolving, if fashion, which is the mirror of social change, where technological innovation, the political, economic and intentions arrive earlier than in any other sphere. Having said that it is right to remove the figure of, innovator, the artist and the trend developer?
When Della Valle says that the new designers are somewhere between creativity, pr and Socialite, it’s right, but it is a necessary form, if you want to promote products that are increasingly responsive to the target, and to a market that has a very fast evolution.
New designers are not only creative but are the head row and trand setter, of the segment which the brand is part.
Unlike promoting a brand-safe, which imposes on the market a lifestyle, could be an approach too far from the end customer, which over time has learned to create their own lifestyle, made of hundreds of brands, but only those who manage to keep up his pace.
The curiosity about how they imagined the shape of their creative office tickle the palate of many, curiosity on the innovation of the century is so much waiting. We only hope that, as is the norm in the institutions, that do not take off an institutionalized figure and particularly expensive like a CD to replace it with a new type, as a Executive Project Manager only to reduce the cost. But we certainly we expect a big change.

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