The New Enel Logo: a Logo for a Vision!

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nuovo logo enel

The New Enel Logo

January 26, Madrid, was presented the new Enel, by now a become a multinational of the Green Power.
The new logo will be used by various companies in the group and rapresents the history and the future vision of the company.
The new Enel is projected into the future, leaving the vision that by now from 20 years accompanied the company, that logo made by one of the greatest, the Dutch naturalized Milanese Bob Noorda, one of the last for whereby the graphics was an art and not fast food.
The study of the new logo is clearly a story of the future, that the new company, renewed virtually in everything, from management to the services, is preparing to bring to the market, a brand “Open Power”.

The strategy “Open Power”, announced last November in London at the Capital Markets Day of Enel, it is based on the opening as the keystone of the strategic and operating approach of the Group;

1. open the access to energy to more people;
2. open the world of the energy to new technologies;
2. open the energy management to the people;
3. open the energy to new uses;
4. open to more partnerships.

30 countries, a large number of services, which are reflected in a new company devoted to simplify and improve the life of his client, colorful, flexible and vaguely avant-garde, everything suggests the new company will. The logo steals many colors to the energetic/visual spectrum to enrich the lives of customers.
It defines a modern utility, open, flexible, responsive. Everything this you can read it in the new image of the group: website, posters, logo, flayers, road installations, etc …
To the project of the international rebranding of the now global Enel participated Wolff Olins and for the communication of course Saatchi & Saatchi.
A door to the digital world, no doubt, for new customers who growing up will start to have a personal relationship with the new company that necessarily had to renew itself, to last in the time and in the minds of new and old customers.
Grow and evolve with their client before the market, this is the task of the company management, which in this case took the step. The logo is the cherry, a new vision of an old brand that the Graphic Design has managed to renew sewing a lasting and beautiful dress.
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