The New Beauty: the shape of the future

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the new beauty

It may be the uniqueness the new real beauty?

the new beauty:
in how many asked themselves about the concept of beauty throughout history and its relativity. Everything depends, and be changed by the observer.
The concepts and classic standards of beauty never leave the human unconscious, but certainly will change. This change has never been particularly fast, indeed, but we are witnessing a speeding up, of the customs clearance ritual, of the new beauty, and in some cases considered such.
Increasing technologization of the world population, we observe the increase in mutation rates. The positive factor is that, although the work becomes easier, so to speak, for those who always brings innovation in the field, that is to find rare pearls from around the world, through social and related.
Fashion has always been an ambassador for the change of this concept, a carrier, it is customs and judge of an already trend on a social level, in the suburbs. That diversity which is now a source of pride for the driving generation of this century. In itself, the new concept of beauty, at least one brought into vogue by the new levers and fashion as a result, is the diversity, or rather, the singularity of a unique essence, the rarity of diversity.
Yes, then the frantic search of a diversity that the case has spread gracefully, on some evolved elected, and the case has brought to light.
In fact on the catwalks and in the photographic services begin to come in, alongside the classic timeless beauty, rich of the Pythagoreans canons of beauty, new forms of beauty, from spotted skins that nature has willed it so, to alien forms of rare beauty. Noses, shoulders, teeth, physical forms, age, looks and different sexuality.
Passed the no-gender trend, of which the design of tomorrow made it an aesthetic canon, now the new beauty seems to be the normality, or rather the case, to love and protect like a rare flower.
It is not just a matter of BodyProud, but a general revaluation, it is not even a fake interest in name of the politically correct, is a generational issue, something that you are used to look outside its own eyes.
Now during the fashion weeks and in magazines are used to seeing fleets of alien beauties that fill the days of several weeks traveling around the world.
Obviously, hopping across the globe and observing carefully in subway, at the station, at the bar or at the entrance of an event, you will find strangers universes that express their diversity every day.
Emblem of this new vision is the Canadian model Winnie Harlow, already almost famous in her television landing in America’s Next Top Model, the TV program from the Top Tyra Banks, the creator and host. From there her career took off, of course, lovely, beautiful and rich in its singularity, has quickly become one of the most popular faces (although he did not win the program). In 2015 she was also nominated and winner of the Beauty Idol prize, awarded at the Gala Spa Awards 2015.

2016 began with an exhibition of beauties, all daughters of this vein, in fact, between Milan, Paris and NYC, including walkways and presentations, we have seen alien presences. From the catwalk with more than 1000 models, by Kanye West for Adidas, in Yeezy, in that of Ms Fanty to the century Rihanna for Puma, and below Off White, HBA, Marcelo Burlon, Raf Simons, Balenciaga and so on, they gave us the fashion show full of this new beauties. Not only more models, but also mothers, friends, artists and journalists, all the obvious good looks, or at least different.
Emblem of extreme beauty and rarity of the form is Boychild, involuntary fashion icon, despite having only lent his image to HBA Hood By Air.
About her, the creator of HBA, one of the hottest brand of the moment, says:

“To me she represents a new genre of beauty. Man vs alien, nature vs technology, the beauty and unapologetic sexuality of a woman vs the distinguished confidence of a man. These things are boychild.”

Summarizing in one person the concept of lability of New Beauty.
All brands have now begun the long race for the “new beauty”, the same Lady Gaga, who is also rare alien in form and iconicity, in Versace, has printed on coated paper the evolution of diversity in beauty, as always indeed. The other revelation is the freckled model Ralp Souffrant that we have seen starring alongside yeezus during the presentation at Madison, ebony-colored skin and freckles even darker.
Even Karl Lagerfeld, the mind of the last years of Chanel, including the latest beautiful collection inspired by Emoji, has chosen as the face of the French brand, not exactly a canonical beauty, Willow Smith, the versatile 15-year old daughter of Will Smith. Rare and ancient beauty of the new face of the Maison, who before her, counts among its women beauties like Keira Knightley, Kristen Stewart, Gisele Bundchen, Vanessa Paradis, Nicole Kidman, Cara Delevingne and many others, in short, a bevy of beauties canonical and not, evolving with the market and the brand.

This choice of the new wearer of the garment has of course moved the bar of vanguard concept also in the style… Place that is now a forge of the future of our wardrobe. In fact, the new creative levers, unlike their predecessors, they are able to transgress the old canons, at the same time to produce in different fields, that of millennials is one of the most creative generations. Another artist and now a model for the last campaign MyCalvin is FKA Twigs, Unordinary Beauty that supported the right way and the right talent has led her to worldwide success.

The beauty evolves, the sensitivity has fleeting canons, has always been inherent in the human volubility, the strength of this feature is the evolution of the observer.
The existing brands in this revolution can only mutate according to change of imposed beauty, from the only real market player, the customer.

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