The Italian Bubbles come from Bergamo and are in green bottles.

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One of the cool brand for excellence in the world of food. A red star of historical reference, that star which in the last century and in the 800, was used to mark the export of the Bel Paese.
San Pellegrino, from a simple sparkling water alkaline, in international brand, the voice of that willing Bergamo that for almost 120 years is on the tables, first in the Italians ones and then of the world. But it is not enough. Over the years the classic shape of the bottle Vichy remained unchanged as the label that is not a “thin” reference to the period of creation of the brand as we know it, the Belle Epoque.
Over time, as brand of the available luxury it has accustomed to collaborations with companies that carry the Made in Italy all over the world. With the redesign of the historic label by Missoni, Bulgari and the Tribute to Pavarotti.
The first to speak about the bergamask source was Leonardo in his census of the rivers Lombardi.
The brand since 2009 after the special editions of San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, has exponentially increased its market appeal, binds inextricably to the label of gourmet and has become with all its initiatives a hot brand to follow for all the foodie in the world.
Recognition should be done at the “Premio San Pellegrino” for the Young Chef, commercial initiative and not only, valuable, which goes to underline once again the importance of this industry and the importance of nutrition. This initiative brought freshness in a world that needs dynamism, because very often the kitchen as all the arts recognized, risks being confined and to become an end in itself. Instead with such initiatives it demonstrates a otherwise far, little understandable and frantic search of form and taste, which every day is carried out by the chefs from around the world.
Going back to the brand, San Pellegrino became icon of the italian worldwide exports, is one of the best Italian brands, thanks to the iconicity of his bottle, to be realistic, the brand is the bottle in its simple complexity.
Around the world is a sigh of relief to find it in refrigerators of airports, coffee shops and at the restaurant table, quality is trust cultivated in more than a century of love for the proposed product on the market and in compliance with the market itself.
Only in 2015 the label has seen a sensitive change, in fact in the stamp on the neck that historically sees impressed the Casino of San Pellegrino Terme, we find the logo of Expo, the world exhibition in Milan that is precisely focused on nutrition and respect the planet, which underlines the bond that the company has with this concept.
At the basis of the brand there has always been an atypical and innovative communication, which led him to the summits of the best brand of wide consumption. Despite its longevity, the approach is always fresh, still pointing to simple communication languages, easy to understand and innovative together.
We could define the brand of water with all its branch like: simple and that pointing to the best, proposing and recommending the best to its consumers.
The group is present in 180 countries, in fact exports of sparkling (2013) equals about 30% of sales.
The Italy of waters wins on all markets by imposing and creating hot brands such as San Pellegrino.
The interest lies in the creation of communication mode borderline to approach the customer and to create the lifestyle of the brand, as does the blog of San Pellegrino, now much followed by foodie and not, who religiously abandon other traditional institutions that have created the world of the food as we knew it.
From swig sparkling to top influencers, the story continues.

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