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The green is increasingly fashionable.
Abandoned that snobby image, pseudo sophisticated and conceptual that for too long designers of those supplies and clothing have accustomed us to see, and put in the drawer the hemp concept and the idea of the garden dump, made gilded by the shabby vein that us helped to overcome the last years, we come to the everyday imbued by a spirit ultra-metropolitan and of breath of fusion and in fact the garden leaves the street level to climb the walls, jump from terrace to terrace in new buildings of the city increasingly architecturally sustainable.
Milan, the capital of the world in 2015, the house of Expo with the nutrition as theme , home to the most beautiful palace of the year, the complex of the Vertical Forest, a secret garden, so to speak, on two towers on which flows the green trees, hedges, plants and stained by the many colors of flowers. That’s what happens in the new and futuristic business center Milanese which to make matters worse is immersed in a golden wheat field in the new down town.
Milan that with Anglo-Saxon influence stole at the New Yorkers the concept of the garden on the terrace or on the roof, from that big apple where this “new trend” it resulted instead vanguard in some countries, while in others it is now widespread since time immemorial. The idea is very simple, we pass by the mini plots of land, flavor a bit ‘more Upper Class, of the West and the East Side where there are those who care and relieves the stress, who cultivates his zucchini or eggplant, by addressing management costs not indifferent, making come back stress, until get to the private terrace or roof converted before in garden then in to own production of vegetables. It is certain that in the Big Apple, have a terrace or a roof on which breathing unfiltered air is a real luxury, but the ladies of Harlem and the Bronx, as the population of an increasingly restless Williamsburg, they know more of the devil, and they are adapted to the nature of their jungle.
Initiative aimed instead to return a space now lost in the city is that of the reconversion of an underground station, the West Side in a subterranean garden, a dream city that is taking shape under the feet of New York, who will have the opportunity to benefit in these 4k square meters of lawns, trees, paths on rails and not, benches and even dining options, lit with a complex system of mirrors, vaguely Egyptian, which will convey the natural light inside the old station, thus giving the room a golden-amber color that just thinking warms the cold winter days of the megalopolis.
This idea is second only temporally to the now realized High Line, that still tinged with green the city that never sleeps, in fact this project, that of High Line it had already started the process of mutation of the Green Concept giving it a meaning more livable and subway, making it finally more Pop, in the meaning “popular” of the term.
Now, the terrace of the penthouse roof garden becomes a private garden that gives oxygen to the body and mind, the tile becomes earth and the interest in nutrition increasingly necessary, has transformed the lucky owners of these gardens in the clouds in horticulturists. The new luxury is to cultivate yourself and strictly in condominium.
Returned in the old continent, we land in London and we find a project realized still only partly that wants to solve the problem of lack of space in the capital, and also that of: think global, eat local. The project is to give new life to 10k square meters of disused tunnels from the second world war and convert those into an infinite garden at 33 meters below Calphman High Street, the name is Growing Underground and have already a production that comes from the small portion converted to Hydroponic and illuminated LED and of course you can buy them at the London Market.
In all countries from the Borealis hemisphere to the Southern hemisphere, it always cultivated the kitchen garden peeping through hydrangeas, roses and so on and so forth, or in private greenhouses if the climate does not allow otherwise, but for those of us that, plants and lawn are at the park or strictly among the fractures of the sidewalks, giving a nostalgic sigh of a country life ever lived, this is the beginning of the metropolis of the future that looks to the sky, which is now to visit not in helicopter but strictly in the elevator.
For example in an increasingly technologized far east, the skyscrapers, now small cities, are becoming every day more green, both in terms of environmental impact which for the massive presence of green in common spaces that are increasingly similar to squares at high altitude , and also in the private spaces are trying to chase the tranquility of a fresh bamboo forest on the 40th floor in the city center.
In short, if it’s hydroponic, aeroponic, in the garden, on the terrace or in a former subway, the trend is determined by consumers who are increasingly attentive to himself physically and mentally, he wants and needs to know perfectly where it comes from what he is eating, and if it was grown at two streets away and on the roof, he feels almost like part of a cultural revolution.

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