The Golden Saga, Star Wars! everybody loves Chewbe!

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After 8 Oscar Awards, countless nominations as best and as worst in several awards and about $ 4 billion at the box office, back in the spotlight, one of the brands among the most longeval and one of the largest and strongest community in the last 50 years.
The Brand STAR WARS is a strong of an incomparable appeal and sometimes, for those less close, difficult to understand, extends his power or his “strength” on a slice of audience much wider than expected.
The SW fans, arrive at a viscerale adoration in the saga for a variety of reasons, a bit ‘as the Tolkien saga, has enchanted children and parents, who in the meantime have become parents themselves.
These fell in love with a fictional universe defined “star by star”, “planet by planet”, each with technologies, customs and different characteristics so as to create more than the original plot a multitude of factions within the same fan clubs official and un-official.
After almost 40 years of the stellar saga most beloved, the production company, the Lucas Films, bought in 2012 by the Walt Disney, aims to surprise us with the last three episodes of the series, foreseen since the dawn of same.
Every day increases the value of a global brand that continuously acquires an almost infinite number of new fans. It is an atypical case in that the value of the brand continues to grow despite the Lucas Films have done the latest film by now back in 2005.
The geniality, that we must confirm into the manage of this mega-brand, has been to license the brand to produce official merchandise at many companies, of public interest so to make immortal this brand-universe. Some of the many licensees of the brand are for example the parents of Barbie, the Mattel, or the Lego which has delighted us with branded collections and with a spin-off of cartoon animation.
Among the various licenses is also included an app that has done sell an infinite amount of smartphones, we talk about the famous but now démodé Angry Birds, who gave us wonderful versions of the classic game where the many colorful birds and green pigs interpret so egregious the characters in the saga.
Impossible not to appoint and adore the version of genius Seth MacFarlane and his studio, the minds of The Family Guy, in Italy known as I Griffin, that gave us a version of the saga finely demented and laughable.
Since 2011 are began the celebrations of the official fan clubs of the mega-brand and the universe created by the minds of Lucas house, an event with worldwide appeal, which calls on all SW addicted to celebrate their favorite saga.
News Wiki, the date was chosen in a very particular way,
“This date was chosen as Star Wars Day because of the popularity of a play on words between the famous quote” May the Force be with you “and the phrase” May the fourth be with you “, caused by the double meaning of May and the assonance between the words force and fourth.
The first appearance of the phrase “May the fourth be with you”, however, does not seem attributable to the fans of Star Wars: when the May 4, 1979 Margaret Thatcher became the first woman to be elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His party published in The London Evening News a greeting which recited “May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations”. This phrase has also been reported in the UK Parliamentary reporting.
In this date it is not celebrated the films, but the culture of the various and effective cyber-sub-cultures that have gone to create over time, a kind of institutionalization of a parallel way to live which passionates so much the lovers of this genre.
Obviously these mega rallies attract not only lovers, theoretical, practical, philosophers and artists of the saga, but also includes in its ranks many curious that for one afternoon after a considerable row, they want to immerse themselves in a very real world designed around a table, entering to be part of a dream that with obvious force each year proposes a brand stronger.
These are real festival, considering the number of people who pour through the streets of the cities that host them.
As in the most sacred Fashion Weeks we find personalities from around the world that drag the not-connoisseur in a limbo of continuous discovery and inevitable future addition to the genre, by definition just nerds, who, with their clothing bring us to those distant planets, thanks the accuracy and meticulous attention to the detail of accessories and clothes.
We can see some Chewbacca of considerable height, wonderful Padme (Natalie Portman in the movie) and very elaborated Princess Leila.
Everything points to impress, as in the saga, now we just have to wait for the next three titles, released in the coming years starting in December of this year.
But what actually is this transversal brand, made from a mix of science fiction, mythology and technology?
Collaborations and licenses with powerful brands like Lego and other licensees are about 170 worldwide. The successful of the creation of the mega-brand has its roots in giving in license the brand, thus increasing the number of stakeholders in the development of the brand. In fact, the brand was evaluated in 2012 (after the first rumor of the sequel) the beauty of 30.5 billion dollars.
An evaluation for nothing excessive for a saga that has delighted young and old, and will continue to make us dream ….
And a small clarification, don’t get confused with Star Trek.

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