The Crown of Seven Star

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One word: luxury. That luxury not shown off, but that is loved in the private of a historic facade, the entrance to which abandons the unnecessary excess of the new ostentatious wealth.
Unique expression of the exclusive and luxurious hidden behind tinted windows of a car from the airport, offers complete anonymity for those streets filled with too many cameras, until arriving in the rooms of a hotel which protects itself, and its guests from prying eyes by closing the curtains of the rooms which looks out towards one of the temples of ostentatious luxury.
7 Stars, stronghold of understatement that only Milan is capable of giving, the unique hotel is the Town House Seven Stars Galleria, unique to now ever to receive certification from SGS Geneva, the city that houses the body that assigns the stars, for this specific case and some other hotel in the world, was drafted specifically a list of top service that a hotel like this should offer.
Seven Stars for Seven Suites for TownHouse Milan, gym, swimming pool, personal trainers, private elevator, chauffeur and a butler – concierge who will help you for everything. The restaurant is very high level and is only for guests of the suites. Since the site is also recommended one of the most chic pizzerias in the city, “The Twelve Cats” where pizza is an excuse to dine under the stars on the panoramic walk overlooking on the most famous gallery in the city.
The pleasures, therefore, that a 7-star has to offer are “All”, the many needs that few people know they have.
Five are other hotels that are on the list to receive the highest certification. No longer enough good location, impeccable decor that evokes the culture of the place, maybe a roof garden.
Here we are in the field of brand not known to the public, we are in the cathedrals of silence, spaces filled with words that do not need to say. The treasure of this places is the work of qualified personnel, creating for the guest, a full experience of small pleasures.
It is not necessary that the general public becomes aware of rooms like that, the experience is not that of being seen in these places, but the complete opposite, the opulence of that case and the concept of not asked and not seen.
In the Bel Paese is another hotel at that level, it is in the city of the Doge, where the channels see sail their waters from international stars, during the Film Festival, attracting these personalities with the extreme luxury, who close themselves up behind the historical windows of a white building, with classic architectural features for which the city is famous, the resort is the Venetian: Aman Grand Canal, a place of historical interest where frescoes of a Venice never forgotten, join the breathtaking view of one of the most famous canals in the world, and the sobriety of decor very balanced.
There are few in the world, 6 of 7 stars hotel, 2 of the 4 who have remained are obviously in the lands of the Emirs, one in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab, the island that has known few birthplace, where the fire is cold breath of a fountain that welcomes guests of the white sail, a symbol of modernity of this rich strip of land. Different atmosphere is one that pervades not many kilometers away where a building frozen in time takes your breath away even to the most sophisticated customer, Emirates Palace, whose reddish walls with a myriad of windows protected from the sun by heavy curtains cold colors enriched by gold, create the perfect atmosphere, that to describe in a book from the romantic scent, feeling of a Western princess who dreams of the sun’s heat enrich his complexion.
The remaining two, we find them one at Islamabad, the Centaurus Hotel, very luxurious and sophisticated recipe, here the pursuit of pleasure is expressed by marbles that with their champagne color are accompanied by the furniture which has a basic color palette designed to relax a international customer.
The last but not the least, is an unreachable and private island of Fiji, the island is Laucala,the villas are 25 and immersed in lush greenery, the pleasure is to plunge into the luxury of structures that link the exaltation of the place in which they are located. Here you can let yourself be spoiled by all that the warmth of this land offers.
In cases like these, the image inevitably will be designed to attract an international clientele, the higher you go, the more it hurts when you fall down, in case you should really drop. For some of the brightest stars in the international hotel scene the guest experience is perfect from the site to the bands that surround the immaculate sponges in the lavatory of the suites. For more as opposed the thud is remarkable, the image as the branding of hotels where the number of stars it is hard to define immediately, have a point of contact with the customer who should look to younger siblings who similarly to them They have little heritage, but which offer a complete experience and coordinatissima. Not only contact, but it is what remains in the mind.
It is then that the brand in the luxury hotel lowers the level of feeling by the guest if it is not well studied, starting with those sites, which most of the time or are too chaotic and more like that of an airline or are super basic, with grainy images of ultra-luxurious suite, who risk losing their charm, fading due to immature hands that have post produced the photos, unjust with their beauty.
Ever-present in this market segment, the classic ever required of a brand that wants to return to the “Lapidary” standards of beauty that does not belong even more parents to clients dated.
The willingness to approach the new luxury, that golden idol of wealth increasingly closed in transparent skyscrapers, which are less and less seen in the street. It should stimulate the capable hands of a segment that is recovering economies, turning to their client and no longer travel agency less and less used. In any case that the brand works or not we remain silent and respectful of the work being done in these luxurious cathedrals where the guest is the only one to be able to afford the whims and everything else is a quiet pleasure of creating the perfect experience.

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