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It’s started these days a new campaign Tezenis, lingerie label for young female audience, with in the role of ambassador, the whimsical British singer of Kosovar origin Rita Ora.
Beautiful the whole graphic design and interesting the co-branding, which combines one of the best underwear label for the youth market with one of the most popular pop stars. This co-branding was receptive stimulus for me to put the magnifying glass on a fact even more interesting, that is the quality of the brand Rita Ora. Perhaps the best branding of a star of the show-biz of this this year.
In fact, one thing is the personal branding, today used by anyone who decides to show up online at some socilal network and so the reputation working that it follows, another thing is the brand of a star.
Rita Ora is itself an intriguing character, especially for those involved in branding. In fact, it seems that its brand and its value in terms of marketing possibilities is greater than others who reach the same results songbirds or even more.
It is a phenomenon that happens more often than you think. One of the major cases of this kind is surely to David Beckham, who all wanted to, not only thanks to his value like football player, although there was, of course, but it is also true that there were some who had a lot more value.
This phenomenon is one of those that show how the brand is a variable, closely related to a character, a company or a product, but not for this reason they are directly proportional in the results.
What does it mean? The brand and its subject, living parallel lives, are reflected, at times are so close that it can be exchanged, but have different DNA and follow different rules.
For example: the results of David Beckham as a footballer could be better, but the fact that if he won or lost the match, did not affect in any way the value of his personal brand. Indeed, if he lost and behaved as gentleman in doing so, it could be even better. Evidence that its business as a sportsman was not totally related to the value of its brand is evidenced by the fact that it continues to be of great value even though he personally has even gone out of business. It is as if a company stopped its production, but could continue to sell its brand.
Now that we understand each other, we go back to the brand Rita Ora and explain why it is actually so special. The singer Rita is definitely a show, but also its branding is not bad, primarily because it was designed perfectly to adapting to what are the characteristics that people think of her, that is like it was tailored to its image in the collective imagination.
In particular, is the new logo is that it seems very appropriate.
Soft, sensual, fashionable, outrageous but glamorous, elegant and appetizing, british but global. Something very important when designing a logo is being able to read the trends, so never tie it to a trend, although strong, that have a short life, so it is better to rely on contemporary choices, but who already have a little history behind, which in 99% of cases it implies that will continue also for the foreseeable future.
This must be said for a fundamental question which is that if you follow the trend “season” for brands that need to last more than a few months or a year you end up with a branding find itself out of time, already old that force us to do another one, but you can not change the logo and values too often otherwise they not have the right time to establish itself on the market, therefore in the collective, so they will never be of great value.
Open parenthesis, the right time to redo a logo depends on many variable, but certainly before five years is almost always not recommended, closed parenthesis.
Said that, the logo of Rita Ora is wonderful in its simplicity, for those who know how to read the intrinsic values.
In fact the logo is very glamorous, as is the style of the pop star who is very present in the various events and often dressed as a true diva, but, always coordinated with his way of doing, even very close to the fans, many of them her peers (the girl is only 24 years old), which brings her closer to the rock’n’roll, where musicians are always very close and available to direct confrontation even during concerts and events with their fans. To reflect that, the traits are free, as it were handmade, like a tag on a wall of the city, but the color and sheen instead represent the “diva side”. Even the glocal appearance was well guessed, in fact the writing type like a tag, remembers both the British side a bit anarchist, that almost we can bring up in mind the logo of the Clash, like the global side because the tag is global itself, moreover having cleaned up the style font from any aesthetic connotation linked to at each sub-cultures and not having forgotten the glamorous side, it may refer to a wider audience and global.
The cleaning in not seeking additional frills or add graphic designs to the written, is of value also to make contemporary the trait, which launches this style pop-rock, retro itself of at least fifteen years, right to the present day.
We can so recognize a style and glam rock, made through a font extremely pop and made contemporary by the choice of cleaning.
From the technical point of view the choice of cleaning, also helps the exploitation of the logo for any co-branding, like the one wherewith we had started the speech, remaining clear, visible and recognizable in communications-rich messages and where it needs to live precisely with another brand.
Co-branding in fact have become a key issue in the design of logos and brands in general, having proven themselves effectiveness in the market, brands now must be constructed to be able to live together with others, without losing recognition, and in all this, the simplicity and clean lines have become almost a must.
In this case, despite the already mentioned cleanliness and simplicity of the lines, thanks to the roundness of the font, well able to express the features for nothing edgy of the singer and red is the color more appropriate to promote the passion that we read in Rita Ora character.
So we can see how in a simple logo, it should take into account many things: life, social trends, audience, brand identity, ease of reading, ductility.

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