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The BodyProud is a concept of re-branding in the balance between the trend and the social influence on the brand. From the social point of view is the media exposure of the power of the comfortable, the soft does not apologize, so it’s sexy and he knows it.

“Bold ironically” defined the Pirelli Calendar 2015, daring and stylistic avangarde in our opinion, pure eroticism soft, encased in corsets plus-size. Yes, even the Calendar for excellence, which was signed by the largest has fallen under the spell of form, expression, for this year, the camera lens of Steven Meisel, where the centrality of the woman is evident in all her erotic emotion, a clear and nostalgic memories of life before the most famous almanac.

Body, that of the woman, still beautiful even if deprived of a slender vision become increasingly distant and printed on magazine pages closed time ago. There are many Brand that surrendered and have followed the trend first and then the established culture of the forms, or to reposition itself to gain more market share. Also quintessential fashion magazine, Italian Vogue, dedicated a cover to curvy-sensation. Therefore, trend or engine re-branding?

From fashion to music, the distance is short, just think of the curvy Nicki Minaj that of her sex appeal has made it a personal brand and relief with his Anaconda has revealed the curvy power, shifting the focus ultimately on his hot booty like the colleagues Beyonce Knowles, Jlo, Rhianna and Iggy Azalea that their physicality junoesque have created some real personal brand.

We can say that in this case, go from being Top Influencer in fashion and music to be International Brand sold around the world is also a matter of “rear”.

In a decidedly more candy way faces the same concept, but certainly not with less acumen and “delicacy”, if not the aesthetic, Meghan Trainor with its “All about thet Bass” which emphasizes the power of a woman who is not afraid of her curves and especially not afraid to use them.

All companies, even those of personal hygiene such as Dove are pointing to a communication centered on the power of the ordinary. With this kind of communication, companies that have re-branded in this way, are those who have regained the confidence of a consumer who is not longer recognized in the market, and even a slice of consumers disillusioned that he had never recognized in that kind of market.

Besides the plus-size there’s more, the BodyProud is the exaltation of different detail, from teeth not exactly perfect as, to name some of the most famous, of the eternal Madonna, Vanessa Paradis, BB Brigitte Bardot or Georgia May Jaggar, up to heights that if it’s too much or too little are still perfect, just think of the long-limbed 178cm Taylor Swift, at the 152cm of the diva Kylie Minogue.

It is duty to point out that to release the BodyProud was the beautiful actress Keira Knightley, the dreamed femme fatale of Chanel that of her thinness made it a trademark, by imposing the not-post-production of his pictures, as in many preferred add a couple of sizes, but this time in a completely different area.

In short, a bevy of beauties that of their different detail have made successful.

Not a matter of public announcements, industrial hygiene or simply sell more products on a saturated market bid … even if the temptation is certainly strong, is the simple view of the market as its effectiveness. Could we be finally arrived at the time when the offer looks like the market?

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