Thanks for the mural in Palermo dedicated to Falcone and Borsellino. We needed it

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We need it. It always feels the need whenever memory is betrayed, sullied. It is a natural gesture to restore values, to try at least to rebalance the deformations of a world that, without good gestures, would risk bending over itself. In a Sicily made of complexity and symbolism, in a region that is mirror of all Italy, every action is an icon of positive or negative meaning. Improbable there is opportunity for the neutral.

The judge Falcone’s bust, at the entrance of the homonymous school in the Zen district of Palermo, was cut off. At the same place a decapitated bird was also found. But it’s not finished yet: the marble that was erected by judge Rosario Livatino’s parents on the road between Agrigento and Canicattì, where he was killed on 21 September 1990, is vandalized too. Mafia victims. Victims like the guys in their escort. Victims every day of offence, insult and despair.

But there are actions and reactions. And it is necessary, it is a human task to manifest positive reactions. Small daily gestures to break the veil of omertà or great gestures to be seen from afar, to be seen by all, citizens and criminal organizations. A new, immense, legal guardianship rose in Palermo: a mural of 200 mq with the immortal faces of two souls who spent their lives on the lines of justice, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. An eternal snapshot, taken on 27 March 1992 by the young photojournalist of “Il Giornale di Sicilia”, Tony Gentile, who pressed the button of his camera at the exact moment when the two magistrates let themselves in a sincere smile. Their smiles have become the weapon to replicate the mafia. Their complicity is the antibody to get the Cosa Nostra disease out of the reach.

That’s why the impressive mural is there. Because we needed to see their smiles again. Rosk&Loste, two Sicilian artists, have had the delicacy and sensitivity to bring in front of our eyes, sometimes sleepy, the faces of two judges, with the softness and the goodness of their lines made with the spray. Behind there was Inward, a national observatory that operates inside urban creativity with an accurate model values ​​and has carried out the project “Parco dei Murales”, a redevelopment program of artistic and social regeneration in the heart of the eastern suburb of Naples, where the observatory is headquartered.

Inward coordinated the project wanted by the Palermo section of the Associazione Nazionale Magistrati, with the City of Palermo, the Metropolitan City and the Superintendent, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the massacres of Capaci and via D’Amelio, the latter on 19 July 1992. It was on 19 July 2017 that the work was presented and inaugurated on a large facade of the Nautical Institute “Gioeni Trabia” at Cala.

«An important, large and central walkway looking out over the sea, a horizon that you never meet and in any case calls you. And it is on a school building so it’s even more delighted by the inspiration it can make to the younger – says Luca Borriello of Inward, who underlines, in his passages, the importance of striking the heart of young people, of those who say “I wasn’t’ there” -. The memory of Falcone and Borsellino cannot be lost and meeting urban art means to strengthen this message, especially in the new generations, and for a significant visual impact».

Consciousness, civic sense and legality are the instruments to weld daily the armor to reject mafia, criminals and uncivilized tentacles. The Rosk&Loste mural, visible from several points in the city, brings comfort and determination to citizen and those who go through the streets of Palermo. It is a paternal hug that invites and begs to do the right thing, so this land may be just and good. «All passers-by have appreciated this tribute, which also wants to be a force message for all those who are engaged in the fight against the mafia every day. We, as artistic coordinators, as well as the duo of street artists, are honored and touched to celebrate, after a quarter of a century by the slaughter, two men of immense value and example», concluded Luca Borriello.

Because, as another paladin, Peppino Impastato, said, if the mafia is a shit mountain, we must answer equally. With giant and painted eyes and smiles of Falcone and Borsellino. Today, just like 25 years ago, we always feel the need.

cover photo Sergio Barone

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