Technogym: Let’s move for a better world!

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let's move for a better world

Img credits and rights: Palazzo Chigi

-Let’s move for a better world- is a Technogym social campaign to fight the worldwide childhood obesity.
In fact, if the actual trends will be confirmed, it is supposed that by 2025 there will be 70 million children under 5 years old in overweight or with problems of obesity.

Technogym since when it was born it has always been different respect other manufacturers of exercise machines. The Technogym focus is never been to produce machine and gear for body building, but give tools to the people for their wellness. This is a great difference, a difference that has made of Technogym the producer of gym equipment more aesthetically pleasing in the world, because wellness is a holistic thing and also the eye wants its part.

Turning back to the campaign, let’s have a look on how it work.
Any fitness center that is equipped with Technogym technologies can accumulate “MOVES”, which is the units of measure of movement. The three fitness center, for each country, that will have accumulated more MOVES will can chose a school or a no-profit organization, actives for wellness and health promotion, to which donate the most advanced Technogym technologies.

Take part is free, if you want to partecipate but your fitness center doesn’t use Technogym technologies you can find one with the app Technogym Club Finder, so with your training you will be able to realize a gift to children for their wellness.
Technogym has made also another initiative realized using the Cloud technology to make this challenge more fun, in fact is possible create a challenge between centers or between clients of the same center. Inside Mywellness Cloud there is the collection of training data that you can monitoring and so you can help your center become a winner.

You can find anything you need to know here.

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