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tech and food

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Do you remember the signs that there were, or maybe there are still, I do not know, in the classrooms-computers at school that read: “forbidden to consume food inside the classroom.”
Technology and food must not be together! Well this too has changed in recent years because food and technology are going hand in hand and they will do for a long time.
Data in hand, the investment groups are all focusing on technology companies and food companies, only in Italy the Venture Capitals have invested some 6 billion in the branch of techfood in 2015.
Ok, among the Unicorns in the world there are only those technological, but is easy to understand why, technology you can take anywhere, the food is better to consume close to place of origin, so of food companies there are many more but smaller, the fact remains that on the whole is a huge market and rich with new possibilities related to the technology.
Ah sorry, I assumed you all know what is a Unicor? No? Very simple, it is a company in the process of start-ups that have already evaluated more than one billion USD.

Among those, to now, mostly there are technology companies that deal with taxi service (or drivers) related to the mobile app, e-commerce platforms and software development companies. The countries from which they come are USA, CHINA and INDIA.
But now let’s do a little comparison with the world of food. Think that in Italy, a country all in all very small, an average supermarket chain generates about 2 billion in revenue annually.
We add up all the chains that exist in the world, add e-commerce of food, restaurants, fast-food and every other kind of food service, and we understand that astronomical sum would come out. In fact, the food market is the largest market worldwide, worth about 40% of world GDP and accounts for 35% of total persons in employment.
To increase the total value, the technology is came to give manforte.

As evidence of the validity of techfood branch is the fact that two of the major global players in technology have decided to enter directly into the world of food and are by none other than Amazon and Google. In fact, are already available the services of home delivery both of grocery that of fresh produce. The Google service is called Google Express, while for Amazon we have the app Amazon Prime Now.
For all classic retail chains instead are been forwarded spending services ordered online and delivered to your door, plus all the technological possibilities dates on place, like the priority cash register with the price-counting system that runs while you doing the shopping or the possibility of choose with touch screen which products of your spending put in promotion and so on…

To these, a major markets that is opening up are those of meal-sharing and e-commerce high quality food products, made by small artisan producers who have difficult to have the economic and productive opportunities to support the entry into the large-scale distribution chains. Thus they were born some real gems of e-commerce, well-groomed appearance and platforms looking to propose to the consumer, as well as a home delivery service fast, a gustatory experience that otherwise would be difficult to prove because it is difficult to finding those typical products.
Overall, today in the Food the biggest trend is precisely to improve the experience, both purchase, that of taste and the technology as in many other areas brings its contribution, but certainly with food is demonstrating a strongest bond.
Here we give you some advice on some of techfood sites to discover and do not forget to read the information at the bottom of the article.
See you soon.

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