TATTOO’HER, the Ladies of tattoo.

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Many are now the ladies of the tattoo, girls and women who have risked their lives to art and to create on the skin of the real works of art. Delicate features, strong colors, full and vibrant non senses. Left the dark basement of an imaginary province where the artist is a disreputable bearded biker, we come to the big city where the tattoo artist is a star.
The brand is often that of a tattooed lady of ’40 -’50 or thereabout that with a relatively similar style to its imagery, imprints memories indelibly on the skin.
But things change of course and the ladies of tattoo become brands and are followed by the willing addicts who consciously wait for their turn.

Kat Von D Tattoo’her

One of the most concrete and consolidated brand is tath of the tattoo artist-tv star-model-entrepreneur, Kat Von D, televisioning born talking into a guest made in Miami in the study of Ami James during the filming of the TV show Miami Ink. She is a very young portraitist from tough character.
From there the lady of the portrait in black and white has grown and has his own studio in his beloved LA, always followed by the cameras of television and has also launched her own line of make-up. The Brand is her and is based on her charisma and her emotional charge, and of course on her art. Flavor inevitably L.A., the Goth – Grunge characterizing the state of art of the city of angels, hard air in surface, that of a rock still dirty of grease that never leaves the city, from music to cooking up to the obvious and inevitable tattoo. The Brand Von D is exactly that, but on high heels and with that touch of glamor particularly robust. Here too, the black is the new black, shiny and comfortable cushion on which to reveal a very strong personality. The brand with aspirations gothic encloses all in a great golden ribbon.

Hannah Aitchison Tattoo’her

There are many other ladies of the tattoo, starting from a knowledge of Von D, Hannah Aitchison, also her a tv star now. Class pre ’70, from the windy Chicago, is more classical, a Pinup tattooed with a sex appeal that in the ’50s you were dreaming and that she adds to each stretch of his tattoos.


Amanda Wachob Tattoo’her

From classical figurative let’s jump to the Big Apple and we meet one of the “Aquarelliste” that changed the concept of tattoo and the work of art at the same time: Amanda Wachob. The scenario is that of an increasingly restless Brooklyn, she is an artist in the first place and is also a tattoo artist, she brushes it with needle and ink delicate and decided visions on the skin of her clients. A young redhead who makes you dream with its colors, vivid sensations on the skin.

Nikole Lowe Tattoo’her

We return to the figurative and also in Europe, in that London that never abandon rock and glam that always imbue with their breathing the streets of the English capital. She is Nikole Lowe birthplace of New Zealand is one of the best tattooers in old England, star of the TV show London Ink.
The style is, to make it clear to those who knows little, an asian fusion that requests details from the old Japanese art, a mix that lives between handwriting, shapes and subjects. Colors and contrasts to define the idea.


Madame Chan Tattoo’her

On the continent instead we find one that is primarily a illustrator. She divides her time between Brussels and Berlin, is Madame Chan, expression of a mix of graphic art, pop, that one a little ‘chip & kitsch of the central Europe with a modernist contamination.
What in Europe is on the skin, we can say that it was thought by her a few years ago now. Anticipated, ridden and done evolve. The name is already a defined branding, then if it is coupled to the imaginary of his tract, is powerful, really.


Sasha Unisex Tattoo’her

And we come to the revelation of recent years, she is from Russia, she brings with it a look of ice, she is a MillennialZ soap and water. She is Sasha Unisex, now guest in Milan at KorpusDomini Tattoo Studio. She, with references to figurative Russian, the color charge that defines the forms, has invaded the skin of her, shall we say, fans and addicts, with colorful watercolors, which are formed through shaded polygons.

The new tattoo is no longer only form replicated of a concept, is art that engraved on the skin, wanders on healthy carriers.
We spoke of six artists with different styles, which have created through these their own brands. The first, Kat Von D, was undoubtedly one of the most forward-looking ladies of needle and ink. The production of these personal brand lies not only in the tattoo, but in the style unmistakable.
In this art we can talk about the brands? Of course, as with male colleagues, if a style is defined in a carrier and it has a request like in these six cases we can talk about the brand. Obviously, as a base, all the tattoo artists are entrepreneurs themselves, but in these cases the definition of a style make their art itself the brand and the result of the request of the market.
Their recognition is their core business, the rest is only extension of their image.

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