Talent, audacity, elegance: Franca Sozzani

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“The fame the real one, comes from the true abilities, from having done real things. This is the real fame “of this idea was based career Franca Sozzani, editor of Vogue Italy for 28 years, defeated yesterday in just 66 years from an incurable cancer.
To communicate the death was Jonathan Newhouse, general manager of Cond√© Nast, who described the news as “the saddest I’ve ever had to communicate”, defining the disappearance as an incalculable loss to the world of fashion. Yet they are not always gotten along, he also threatened to fire her because of his “impertinence”. Newhouse is clearly referring to the photos and messages impact and perhaps too strong in the eyes of too many politically correct advertising. Sozzani has conducted important battles siding against racism, against the excessive use of cosmetic surgery, making it appear on the cover of Italian Vogue Curvy Models and especially addressing issues such as domestic violence in a world of reflectors and walkways.
Today is simply Franca, with a red heart on the side of the home page Italian Vogue, where she arrived in 1988 and who directed boldly and ironically for 28 years. With the knowledge that young people are important, so he tried to discover new talents and has strongly supported them.
Besides, as has happened to her, whose fate, the chronicles, seemed sealed. A degree in Humanities and a marriage to 25 years. He seemed to have to remain simply a mother and wife, when fashion has kidnapped her. In the seventies he is hired as a stylist for Vogue Child.
In 1980 already he directs the head true Female Lei and in 1983 also rely the male version for Lui. When in 1988 the offer the direction of Vogue Italy began her courageous revolution: social complaints and the discovery of talents as Gianni Versace Giorgio Armani by Bruce Weber Peter Lindbergh Steven Meisel.
Inspiring and inspired, once wrote: “The success we earn it, I dare say we invented it. Nothing comes by chance even if lucky enough to fall in the right place at the right time, with the right person helps a lot. But fate, you know, it alternates. It is precisely the basis on which to build its success. The talent, yours, is the real strength. ” Anticipated trends, has dictated, was the first to realize that a photo shoot had to tell a story and those directed to her have always been very daring. Like when he portrayed Linda Evangelista as a sick of plastic surgery.
Sozzani has spent herself in the social not only in publishing, but also with Convivio, shopping biennial event to support AIDS research, or support for the IEO, the foundation created by Umberto Veronesi to fund experimental research of ‘European Institute of Oncology, of which he is president since 2013. it sponsors the Vogue Fashion night Out, sort of white night shopping that attracts every year millions of curious people around the world and “who’s on Next?” contest for emerging designers organized together with AltaRoma that transforms, even if it were needed, the tutelary deity of the new generations.
Who will replace not only the burden to fill the role of a great woman, a great talent, but above all a strong woman and sure of his ideas. But as he once wrote: “All women aspire to be elegant and, without understanding the true meaning of this term, they buy in a lifetime, tons of clothes, bags, shoes. Then a woman comes to a dinner with a black tuxedo pants and a white silk shirt, a perfect classic, and known. It is elegant, his gait almost regal. It is clearly a special lady, elegant, and you can not say it’s the dress to make it so. It is she”, just like her.

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