SuperBowl 2016: the Nfl’s presentation show

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SuperBowl 2016. Img credits: Sonny Abesamis
The NFL is definitely the sport that is attracting more attention globally in the last five years and shows dizzying numbers, especially with the Super Bowl, indeed, outside the States the Super Bowl is more famous than the NFL.
Yesterday it was played the number 50, the first written with Arabic numerals, because usually the NFL uses Roman numerals but it is said that the logo with the only L was difficult to draw … Okay…
However, the Superbowl at the brand level, is the show of the brand’s presentation. In fact, even those who do not usually follow the NFL and not understand anything about American Football know that yesterday it was played the SuperBowl.
The Super Bowl is not just a sporting event, but a media event designed masterfully, so masterful to catch up this year 620 million USD in revenue, surpassing even the income of the “match of the century” between Mayweather and Pacquiao, who had stopped at the threshold of 600.
But that’s not all, the SuperBowl spatial data show that almost 190 million viewers was glued to televisions at which we must be added more 75 thousand instead were at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara CA to watch this match live. Spectators who paid for the tickets until the threshold of 1800 usd and even up to 5000 usd in the last days before the match.

The SuperBowl as mentioned is a show, is the event that presents the NFL in the world, is the parade of Victoria Secret of the American Football world.
The hymn it was sang by Lady Gaga (among other really talented), the 50-minute break, where for a TV spot of 30″ it was paid 5 million usd, were the waiting space filled by none other than Beyonc√© with Coldplay and Bruno Mars.
The number of spectators, the mega-stars, the television revenue, the fireworks, the cheerleaders, the president of the United States, the sponsors, everything enters into the media cauldron exploding every year around the world attracting the attention of all and generating the greatest sporting spectacle on the globe.

An sport event that has become a cultural event, commercial and now planetary, in fact until a few years ago no one in Europe dreamed of watching the Super Bowl, let alone a game x of the NFL, but today, due to a super media power of the SuperBowl, that outside the US in terms of brand is also more famous than the NFL itself, the NFL has become something that even in the old continent, as well as in the rest of the world, we feel like something closer, closer because now is part of the global culture and not only more than one specifically American.
For the NFL it is for sure the best way to advertise itself outside the US.
Ah yes, the game it was played between Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers, and was won by the Broncos for 24 to 10. Greetings:)

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