A Rock Summer of Mattlumine: the best festivals in August

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Flutter. Midburn 2017. | Living photo by @dan_lior | #midburn #burningman #blackrockcity #brc

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August is definitely coming, torrid and lazy as ever. As you drag wearily from the office to home and from home to office dripping sweat in city traffic, my advice is not to curse, but to think that the holidays are coming!
With this heat you will not want to stay in the city, go to the sea, in the mountains, or where the hell you want. But go!
And if the question is “where?” My answer is traveling the world in search of big and small festivals where you can listen and dance wildly good music.
If you have not yet planned it, my advice is to give you a move because the Burning Man 2017 will be held from August 27th. And we know that to participate seriously in this historic festival you have to organize, plan and plan. How? Don’t you know what I’m talking about?
The Burning Man is an event that was founded in 1986 in San Francisco by Larry Harvey and since 1990 has been held at Black Rock City. Every year is marked by a particular theme.
The first, in 1996, it was Hell, whereas in subsequent years followed one another more and more interesting themes, including Wheel of Time, The Vault of Heaven and the American Dream.
The latest edition, Da Vinci’s Workshop theme, featured the work of the eagerness Alexander Milov.
The event is based on the value of giving, donating, without having anything in return. The proposal is to enhance cooperation and creative collaboration. Organizers strive every year to produce, promote and protect social networks, public spaces, artwork and communication methods that support such interaction. This is not the usual festival but a lively participatory metropolis generated by its citizens.
In Burning Man 2017, the theme will be Radical Ritual. To explore the smoky field of spirituality, metaphysics and the ultramarine, going far beyond religion, dogmas, and all that concerns the spirit but is “fooled” by definitions and limitations created by the human intellect.
“In 2017, we will invite participants to create interactive rites, ritual processions, elaborate images, shrines, icons, temples and visions,” the organizers explained during the presentation of the event. “Our theme will take on the ambiguous terrain that lies between Veneration and ridicule, between faith and belief, between the absurd and incredibly sublime. This year our artistic theme will release this spirit into the Black Rock desert. ”

In short, you have to go and sign up to participate and see the man burning for 39 days.
Now we start from the beginning in chronological order.
If you are ready to start immediately the Off Festival, it is the festival suited to you.
It is held from August 4 to 6, weekend in which rock, pop, indie, alternative, urban and electronic music fill the beautiful green space south of Katowice, Poland. Today, it is considered one of the nation’s best music festivals, OFF has won a handful of awards in recent years and has recently been recognized for its “Green Operations”.
This year, like every year, he has the headliners of the likes of PJ Harvej, Feist, Swans and Talib Kweli.
Once back from Poland, you could go to the Oya Festival in Oslo. Five days, August 8 to 12, featuring live performances by Ryan Adams, The Modern Times, Nils Bech, Broen, Lars Vaular. A program for connoisseurs in short and also an incentive to go to Norway.
If Oslo is too far away, what about Budapest?
The Sziget Festival is on stage in Hungary from August 9 to 16, with performances by The Kills, Clean Bandit, Interpol, PJ Harvey.
If you have stayed in Norway, it will not be a problem to move to Sweden. From August 10th to 12th, go to Gothenburg for a three-day varied variety of genres, the Way Out Festival. Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean, The XX and many more are waiting for you.
Sorry if I bring you to my house, I have to be a little campanilist from time to time. In Puglia there will be many festivals, but the Cinzella Festival I feel very close. It will be held in Taranto from 17 to 19 August in a masseria. The main stage will host Levante, Frankie Hi-Nrg, Glien Circus, Diodato, GO! ZILLA and many other artists.
Rock, Pop and Electronic at Bregenzer Festspiele, scheduled on August 19th and 20th. Concerts, opera and high-level culture. It is held in Bregenz, in fact, in Austria.
Naturally, summer ends in Lucca for the Rolling Stones concert on September 23 at the Lucca Summer Festival. The concert will take place in a location never used before it will have as its backdrop the wonderful Medieval Walls, an indisputable symbol of the city, which have just celebrated their 500 years.
Have fun!


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