Suicide Squad: the first trailer

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A few hours ago it was released the first official trailer than what is probably going to become one of the best films of DC Comics, suicide Squad.
In the trailer, briefly outlines the characters of the video-novel. These super villains, that the greatest movies, get together to create a team of not ordinary heroes.
the film is all a brand, especially for the creation of characters each with its own well-defined identity, begun by choice of actors / characters, then starting from an Oscar winner Jarred Leto and then Will Smith, Viola Devis, Jay Courtney and two revelations for the cinema of the last years, the global icon Dear Delevigne and Margot Robbie.
Suicide Squad, therefore, on the notes of Queen in Bohemian Rhapsody has positioned itself of the most awaited of the year, much thanks to the work of the infinite marketing campaign, and the media hammering that began several months ago, simultaneously with the presentation of the film at Comi-con in San Diego in 2015.
So we expect shortly the release of a more detailed trailer, that son of climax upward communication, in which the DC is accustoming us, explain better, but in short, the history.
All this, until arriving in August, the 5th to be exact, when the film will be released.

Here the official website FILM (for any other information)
Here the official website of the DC comics

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