StreetXo: a new David Munoz project

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StreetXo David Munoz

StreetXo David Munoz:

Would have to arrive in Mayfair, last March, but the British capital will have to wait a few months for the opening of one of the most eagerly awaited restaurants, the StreetXo, the street food version of David Munoz Diverxo, the chef, three stars, Madrilenian.
StreetXo with this project, already presented in the Spanish capital, he has kidnapped a slice of the market that had never gravitated around his kitchen. Obviously the opening of London shows only the first part of the implementation project del’idea of one of the most innovative chefs in the international scene.
After London of course there will be the opening in NYC, the Big Apple that never sleeps, the first challenge, that of London, will start in the summer, which will also apply as a test in the Anglo-Saxon market. Here the space, unlike that of Madrid, will be independent and not in a shopping center, will develop all around the controlled kitchen and of course managed by him in person.
The dishes that will be proposed will be a mix of Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean and Anglo Saxon course.
The idea is to vary significantly the mood of the dishes and the whole concept of space in all cities, as it should be in my opinion, in fact, in the city that never sleeps, David Munoz has also decided to change the name of the project, because here imagines a sign most closely related and certainly impactful for a market like NYC, which saturates the offering in this field needs to call a discerning clientele.
The name of course is still an unknown factor, as the names of wealthy investors who come off checks to support this visionary chef and his StreetXo.
Its like I already described above, it is avant-garde, one pushed introspective journey, had the perfect poise of unexpected ingredients, often defined by the lucky diners Diverxo restaurant, a color explosion …
London and the Big Apple await him, with his outspoken kitchen, or as they like to call the foodie, “naive”, essentially: vanguard or die.
We can define his cooking that extra step in the madness that brings a dish to a framework, aesthetics and wild flavor, brutal at times.
He, David, will quill between three restaurants closing Madrid for 2 days a week, thus being on deck in all three restaurants.

Herethe video presentation of Diverxo and Chef

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