The street art is on stage on the catwalk: from the city walls and the club, the new formal

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Street art:
We hear so much talk about the new formal, but what we see in magazines and not on the streets is the version without socks of a past that knew to dress.
Yesterday yes, today not, and luckily, the new formal, explodes with soft shapes, unlined and deconstructed, down from the walls of cities to influence everything that is new, black is infected with solid colors, a culturea made by brush, cans and graphic elements that we are accustomed to observe with satisfaction on the walls of our cities.

Culture of creative people, born graphic designers, illustrators, designers with skin soiled by the ink of tattoos and paint of cans with which decorate spaces dedicated to WALLART, that it is very clear i speak of artists and some even evaluable, not of thirteen who decide to write their name or ungrammatical thoughts on the walls thinking of increasing the value of the building.
Always been the art, the more fervent, has influenced fashion, and of course fashion can affect the streets, as we see in the fashion capitals and beyond.
From Warhol to Banksy, through Haring, we saw their work on the runways, but now this trend deviates, fashion is made by those who live the streets, and causes it to be so, strong expression of the new cultures and sub- cultures.
Years have passed since the street art has become a mass phenomenon, we saw NYC like many other cities to change a thousand times their faces, colors and shapes, and now when we see artists like Banksy, stolen from the street to go in art galleries , we witness to the institutionalized theft of public works, born instead to decay and to be for everyone.
Now those colors, more than anything else how to do that art the feeling that dominates the will to produce, we find it more and more often on the runways, and thus in our closets.
From Gucci, with Alessandro Michele, and Gucci Ghost, a writer from Brooklyn, that for some years now has created an street imaginary of the brand and logo in parallel, not directly attributable to the brand, also why the new creative director of the brand has given life to the institutionalization of the relationship, now it born of time, with a collection marked by the use of the image to the street, but on purely sartorial structures.
From fake, until the original, Gucci is found for that season, in the international color of a writer obsessed with the brand.
Before and after him we saw many catwalks fill of strong colors of a street that has more and more reason, we know that fashion is the real institutionalization of social change, such as design in his own way, fast breathing, continuous need of innovation to dress users that evolve faster and faster as the trends and new values.
The new is not the mood, is the only thing, of course there are walkways and fairs where tomorrow is proposed, today as yesterday, perhaps with a new tissue.

All will have to dress up every day, yes, we are aware of, and often the vanguard is the steadfastness of those who always buy the same things, but the street now leads more and more inspiration with cultural difference, aesthetic, iconographic, social and costume, often resolved by aesthetics and the desire to budding designers, reforming the environment that has raised them, not revolutionizing, but evolving, clothing such as design and the food can not only draw inspiration from places, colors and people, but, apparently, those places, the air you breathe, the colors, the people and the ideas expressed, they are the real mirror of an inevitable mix, built over time, which has become our culture and our city.

From brand that present themselves, their city and represent a cross-section of well-defined new cultures, to those who draw inspiration there to fill closets of a culture far from new cultures and sub-cultures, brand new and offer an interesting mix of cultures, innovation and tradition, such as Les Benjamins, or Sunnei, or the duty paid Burlon, HBAs and others, who are thicken the value of the new formal, bringing the thoughts of many in the sight of all.

Mixing in their own way the iconographic tradition with new cultures, creating a simple and concrete styles ready to face a market that is hungry for news every day.
change air, you see around where even the iconography, the colors and the streets dedicated to this art change, we move from abstract of the written to the representation of the society, a Bit vision of a world that takes away before give, as we see in our cities enriched by the art of Blue and Augustine Iacurci, ZED1 or Os Gemeos, and recognized artists who paint the new faces of the old city.
The walls thus have found their way into photo shoots, then they lent their colors, contrasts and the way of making art to others, and now they are the artists themselves, as clubbers, those that color the streets of their art, with their music and enthusiasm, parading on the catwalk today, creating what we imagine tomorrow will become for all a new normal.

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