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Fashion, design, shapes, concepts, everything change with the evolution of the use of the information and of the product. The fashion segment itself has become a product usable differently. Everybody by now present us in their own way the lookbook of collection and more and more are companies that want to tell in video the presentation of the collection. Last week we talked about Raf Simons and the Paris visited with his models, today we are introduced in their way the SS/16 by Stone Island, through a lookbook video which sees the classic gray background of the brand, as the basis of the models that move and explain the product with their movements.
Easier understand the product and see it live worn, inevitable appreciate the effort, the collection is full of vibrant colors, which we also saw in the parade. Tension, that of materials, inevitably technical, perfectly rendered from music and from the never only hinted movements of the models.
Symbol of technical street clothing, stadium clothing or to walk in mountains, are returning to a more indexable size within the icon product. It is a historic brand, recognizable and with an ultra shareable imagery, which has always kept limited the visibility of the brand in favor of product characteristics. Shareable, even if the mark has in itself, by nature, a potential as to reveal again.
The new video lookbook added to the trend that we have seen on the catwalk in January “and before in the street” in 2015, it makes us recognize how the product is responsive at the time, but with a substantial added testosterone injection.
Always faithful to their style, now all the others came to them, the tendency seems to be made from the brand to the brand, or drawn on their forms, abandoned the old sea dog you come in the street to get to live a totally different product from the classic fashion product.
Who had never before seen their garment worn or simply hadn’t noticed now can fall in love with the ultra tech materials, shapes and colors typical of the brand with this lookbook.
Here the brand’s website.

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