About Steven Klein & Madonna: from 90s, the Polaroid

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“The medium is the message. Taking a photograph Is part what is in Your hand an part the execution of an idea, as expressed through you choice of a medium. Polaroid {before the advent of digital} was the first form of visual instant gratification. I decide to return to a time that no longer is, in order to capture a time that is now.
Madonna is glamorous by nature. Her glamour is more then her exterior style. It goes deeper. Glamour is a magical, unexplainable, mysterious attraction, where one is compelled to engaged whit the subject.”

Vi aspetta in edicola il nuovo numero di Vogue Italia con quattro cover dedicate a @madonna by @stevenkleinstudio #CONDENASTQUALITY

Un post condiviso da Vogue Italia (@vogueitalia) in data:

These are the words of one of the most admired photographers of the fashion world and beyond Steven Klein. Man, we can say, has made dreams come true in the fashion industry by bringing the concept of glamor to its extreme: perfect and glossy shape, projection of an idea difficult to achieve than in his photos and videos takes shape.
Obviously he, as a photographer, is not only this, fashion, music and surroundings help him to express his most extreme side. Madonna, Brooke Candy until reaching to Lady Gaga, for many they have been directed by his lens.
The February issue of Vogue Italy is a project successful wonderfully. Vogue should always be an expression of a potential trend and nostalgia.
In the end, for those who have had the pleasure to grow in the 90s, the Polaroid is something that we can hardly forget, basically was a local instagram, without any filter if not the skills of the photographer.
Many of the giants of photography still use instant machine, or at least use this mood, by Terry Richardson, Ryan McGinley, Larry Clark, Wolfgang Tillmans, Dash Snow and many more, all with a close relationship with the fashion, that at the higher levels, lives in a fake disorder despite being field of experimentation.
With Fashion Week around the corner, I wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to the work of a photographer who gave a big hand to the creation of the new concept of beauty and addiction that fashion has for the necessary unbeauty, or rather the ugliness.
For many years Steven Klein and The Queen Madonna, collaborated, and a couple of years ago they have proposed a video installation, I think I can define it this way, SecretPorgectRevolution: 17 minutes very well spent, it is a project against homophobia and any kind of discrimination.
Democracy does not Seem to exist anymore. We live in a very scary time. – Says Madonna in secretprojectrevolution video, a concept still relevant, perhaps today more than yesterday. Human rights, not doing very well if you think about it, we talk about even walls, and are forced to live in states where by law you can not be yourself. A world where many do not have access to the most basic rights, such as happiness and family. Looking at the other side is not a great time to be a normal person, – imagine the feeling of loss that they can feel -. With the Issue of February, Vogue Italy celebrates the 90s, already quite analyzed in other articles, decade that in Klein works is felt like a veil, always present and who will never tired.


here  Wolfgang Tillmans page  on artsy.net


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