A star is Born: someone born Gaga, and someone paints Lady Gaga

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Her can be a Poker Face, but could also be a “Perfect Illusion”. We are clearly talking about one, no one, hundred thousand Lady Gaga. She was dressed in meat, was dressed entirely in lace, she is the queen of pop and disguises, The Iron Lady of Little Monster, with Gaga had fun to experiment fashion and design from the great talent, like the late Alexander McQueen.
It is because Lady Gaga plays with contemporary fashion and that of the past, creating a wardrobe that is inspired by the outfits of drag queens and the dazzling dresses of Hollywood stars, cleverly mixing the excessive pieces of designers to nude look.
Maybe that’s also why millions of drag queens in the world every day dress of Lady Gaga’s shoes. And she, who until now had never starred as no one else but her, will wear the clothes that, in 1976, were already worn by Barbra Streisand, in 1954 by the legendary Judy Garland, in 1937 by Janet Gaynor, in “A Star is Born”.
The remake of the great classic was produced by Clint Eastwood, the lead actor in the role of Norman will be played by Bradley Cooper also will debut in the role of director. It would seem that it was just Cooper to contact the singer and to propose to interpret the character of Esther Blodgett, aka Vicki Lester, after a performance for collecting funds for research against cancer.
The movie will be in the cinematographic salt only in 2018, while it seems that Gaga has already finished to record the new arrangements of the soundtrack. Do not know about you, but I can not wait to listen to the remake signed by Lady Gaga of “The man that got away,” the song that made it iconic this film.
If you are a Little Monster certificates and can not wait for 2018 to review the Gaga of your heart, you should know that until 15 October 2017, you can see her exposed in the collection of Villa Panza in Varese. The exhibition was created by Robert Wilson for “Villa Panza. Tales “.
It seems that after Wilson’s visit to Villa Panza was born a dense and complex project, full of more or less explicit references to art history. The “FAI – the Italian Environmental Fund” has chosen to dedicate an exhibition to the multifaceted artist Texan origins, master of visual culture and contemporary performing arts, for the subtle affinities that bind his poetic, visionary and minimalist at the same time, the ethical vision and aesthetic of Giuseppe Panza. “Panza – explain on the site of the FAI – had conceived the creation and exhibition of his collection as an intellectual adventure and a spiritual path to access the infinite dimension. Large installations brought to Varese in the seventies were among the most mature expression of the idealistic and universalizing ambitions of his thought”.
That is why the art exhibition extends to the park with a striking permanent installation called A House for Giuseppe Panza, open homage to the Milanese collector who lived in the villa and gave life to the museum”.
Returning to Lady Gaga. Yes, because “the most numerous nucleus, which occupies the entire south wing of the first floor of the villa, is the series of Lady Gaga Portraits a major project in 2013, the same year he exhibited at the Louvre in Paris and now presented for the first once in Italy, “they explain on the FAI website.
Gaga gives new life to three famous paintings of the past, that the FAI defines “related differently to the idea of death.” From the portrait of Mademoiselle Caroline Rivière (1806) by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, effigy of a teenager who died prematurely, the popular Death of Marat (1793) by Jacques-Louis David, raw representation of the later murder of the revolutionary French. Finally, the Head of San Giovanni Battista (1507) of Leonardo Andrea Solari, a small table at the Louvre played on the contrast of light and shade and the virtuosity of light reflections.
An unpublished Lady Gaga? After all, Gaga is always Gaga.

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