Singapore AirShow 2016: a different kind of show

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singapore airshow 2016

Singapore AirShow 2016. Img Credits: Anhgemus Dinh
Do you know that in these days in Singapore is giving rise to the largest fair in all of Asia dedicated to the world of aeronautics?
Participate all the large companies in the industry, including Airbus and Boeing that are undoubtedly the two main actors.
This show, which is held every two years, has seen its birth in 2008, so it is very young, but it is already among the most important fairs in the world.

In fact, the turnover capacity that is created is amazing and this for two reasons: the first is that the products on display are planes, which of course have prices, it seems appropriate to say, stellar; second reason is that it is a particular exhibit, because it combines the public and the private, or rather, combining the sector of the civil market to the military, which as everyone knows is one of the markets that produces more turnover among all those existing.
In fact, the most peculiar thing of the fair is the fact that unites the trade of civil aircraft with the military ones.
From a branding point of view is a very special situation, in fact, usually the military businesses, I do not say are made in secret, but certainly are not advertised to the general public.
Instead the Singapore Airshow all is well publicized, with the possibility of visiting the pavilions also by civilians and the schedule of things to see, everything well designed and available from the website.

Even the mascot of the fair, two lions, a male and a female, dressed as airmen old style, very cute, they are the same for both the civilized world so than military. I must say that if for the civil segment may be sympathetic, for the military world seem a bit ‘out of place. However this is something totally new, and that must be understood, especially within the global optics in which we live.
In fact, in Singapore this is a show where people go and take a selfie in front of the aircrafts, while in Europe, at least in the west, there were probably sit-in activists that for every day of the fair would attempt to show their opposition in front of the exhibition site.
We do not give political opinions, it is not our job, but show social behavior in front of the market yes, whereby see how basically Europe and the Western world has completely shifted its civil and military aeronautics market in the East is a fact that must be emphasized. If in fact this huge exhibition, large 40000 square meters, which saw a show of openness incredible, with planes that have done all sorts of stunts, is located in Asia, it must also take into account that the major manufacturers are Europeans and Americans.

It is not just the greater public acceptance in the face of this market, especially the military one, but also the continued expansion of airlines of eastern lands-mothers that push the market of western manufacturer to goes to the East and decide to participate in this fair. In fact during the event they were seen airlines companies made orders, for individual company, that reach billions of dollars each one.
The fair is representative of a market that is global by birth, treating means which are intended to connect people around the world, but it is also something new and not easy to understand for an average Western consumer. In fact probably in Europe would be made two fairs, one for civil and one for the military market. At Singapore Airshow instead they put together the small icons of the social networks with the classic “follow us on …” with conferences with representatives of the various state governments and where there is the audience that takes pictures in front of the new generation of airplanes there is also who preparing the orders for armies, in a brand idea yet to discover.

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