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Sex commodity is one of the few legeacy that fortunately have remained since the 80s.
The sex, sell is useless, try to tell to Tom Ford that is not true, and he will invite you in his infinite texan estate, to convince you of the opposite.
After the aesthetic rape of the bodies, transformed into objects in the ’90s and the beginning of this century, we now move to a more intimate and celebratory sex concept.
It is no longer a matter of act in itself, it is a push to the feeling.
In the end we are born from a sexual act, we are driven by chemistry for the most part of the time, if we really know how many of our decisions are taken with the second brain, it would be the end.
We’re made by sex, celebrate this high act. Since many people are chasing him so hard, and then why don’t exalting him in an advertising campaign?
Sex is not just an act, but an impulse, a tendency, the feeling of joining in the most biblical sense possible.
A few hours ago has been released, the new advertising campaign of Palomo Spain that challenged in a single campaign also of the Gender Binary stilema, repositioning the male-female concept of clothing, without falling in clothing no-gender.
Alejandro Gómez Palomo is a very young designer, He debuted in NY last February, with this campaign set the highest stem.
Palomo did not create a sexual object but only managed to emphasize the softness of the fake boundaries imposed by a binary clustering of gender, Bearing in mind that the new generations are not very attracted to feeling bound to something demeaning As a rigid definition, especially from a sentimental and sexual point of view.


To emphasize the close relationship between fashion-sex, Just take a look To the campaign released last month by Eckhaus Latta in particular, it is very strong and definitely uncomfortable, Despite not being too much of a breakthrough, however, I think it has had the hoped effects. Heji Shin for the brand resumes true couples at the most celebratory moment when they are having sex. The brand is not inserted between clothing for men, women, no gender or gender fluid.
It is an avant-garde brand, which has exceptionally chose a frank and pure cvector to talk about itself, not about the product, not seasonal trends, not cuts but simply of itself, through its potential user, at a time when the clothes are of a break, pure AWARENESS, pure form and expression.
Ultimately, to convey a concept and to talk about oneself, it is the central point of an advertising campaign. Well then why not do this by raising awareness of some souls?
Many have said, “It’s at the limits of porn.” I see nothing more than a basic expression of a wide diversity in love, at least from what is understood by the formation of various couples.
Certainly everybody does it in his own way and it is not said that everything is worth!
For right-thinkers, I’m sorry for you. This new way does not belong to you. Do not worry, there are bubbles in yours private event.

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