About Gbreak: an Interview with the Mister Gay Sergio Genna

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sergio genna
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His name is Sergio Genna, he comes from Erice, he is a teacher in health and safety at work and he is not yet thirty years old. Why do I talk to you about him? Because he is not a boy like everyone else, he is the gay Mister in charge and as such is also the new champion of the fight against homotransphobia.
We interviewed him because he will be one of the guests of honor of the Gbreak, which will be held from 7 to 10 December on the Tonale Pass.
Hello Sergio, how exciting it was to win the title of Mister Gay Italy this summer?
«Hi Mattlumine,
As I said several times, I participated in the competition for play, on the advice and push of a friend, I never thought that one night my name would be associated for the first time to the words: “The most beautiful Gay in Italy is … “. Until recently I had not yet achieved the victory, but today I have gained the awareness that this has been and will be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, because it is thanks to the competition that I am getting to know extraordinary people around Italy and not only … Thanks to the various invitations of the most important LGBTQ organizations of our nation, I have been able to discover that my country is not as backward as you think, it is only the civic-political structure that should open your eyes and make yourself account that a not indifferent slice of Italian citizens belongs to this important community, composed of people who have every right not to feel treated as citizens of Serie B. Here, the competition gave me this big chance and there is no greater emotion than representing our community with wonderful people who, as I said before, this experience allowed me to know ».

By winning this title you have also been invested with the responsibility of being the new champion of the fight against discrimination from sexual orientation and gender identity. How do you live this task?
«Surely I’m not a champion of the law and I will not fight ISIS with bibs, as someone wrote, but I will take advantage of all the opportunities that will be given to me to say mine and make sure that even the simple people who are still forced to live their sexuality in the shadows because of prejudices, they finally have a “voice”, making me spokesperson for the needs of my brothers and sisters of the LGBTQ community so that everyone can live their normalcy in our country, feeling like that ».

Have you ever been a victim of injury?
“Unfortunately, the mental closure and ignorance, understood as lack of knowledge and refusal to look at things from a different perspective from their own, still dominate in our country, which I love and I’m proud of, but this closure has me brought to live an adolescence in which to be different was not a quality, but something to hide … I had to pass the phase of my puberty (age when you begin to experience your sexuality) with the classmates and / or the friends who giggled behind me because I was not interested in girls (and I was not even too good at pretending that it was not). Then, finally, maturing I was myself in small steps to make it clear to my family and my friends that in being a homosexual there is nothing abnormal ».

What is prejudice and omotransphobia? How do they fight?
«They are real forms of racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism and sexism that find their foundation in ingrained ignorance; being gay, lesbian, trans, blonde, dark, red is not a choice is a feature, homosexuality is not a choice the omotransphobia it is! This irrational aversion towards homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality and therefore of homosexual, bisexual and transsexual persons based on prejudice, must be fought in the same way that ignorance, ie with information, must be fought».

What could the LGBTQ community do to make itself known and explain its needs to the world?
«We should start from the schools, since it is the school that gives the highest contribution to the civic training of an individual, perhaps also involving the families of the boys, especially the most wary ones. Or even through massive awareness campaigns, seeking the support of the institutions because if our problems remain within our community, we will never have a way to fight omotransphobia and protect those who are victims of it».

How proud is your mom? We read that it is one of your biggest supporters.
«My supermamma is with my whole family (including my grandmother) a staple of my life because:” A TREE CAN NOT LOVE YOUR FRUIT, AS WELL AS THE EARTH CAN NOT LOVE HIS OWN TREE “; he always supported me in all my choices, even when he thought that these could be wrong and gave me one of the most important values: the freedom to decide what to be in life, suffering with me for my defeats, but above all being proud of all my victories, including this one, of which, as you have noticed, it is extremely proud ».

You too will be at the Gbreak. Why is this appointment so important for the Italian LGBTQ community?
“GBreak will be an extraordinary opportunity for fun and aggregation, occasions like this should be increasingly supported, because they make sure to create cohesion within the LGBTQ community, and this is very important because we have to be united if we want to make our own voice. A disrupted community would not have the same strength and impact. ”

What do you expect from GBreak?
«I expect a lot of fun, new knowledge, lots of relaxation and learning to ski …»

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