The Second Life of Guns n’Roses: 90,000 in Imola for the expected return

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Not in this life, or “Not in this lifetime,” Axl Rose gave the answer to the unquestionable question of a possible reunion of the Guns n ‘Roses. So, as the best title for a world tour that has called millions of people to collect. For all gunners, who have never lost hope to see them again on stage, it’s really another life.

The lineup, however, is not complete. Miss Steven Adler, the drummer’s drummer Frank (in his place) and Izzy Stradlin, a rhythmic guitar, well-substituted by Richard Fortus, who, scenically, resembles him as well.

It is the “Enzo and Dino Ferrari” autodromo of Imola to host the Italian stage and all 90,000 fans, with a heat of thirty degrees and more. There is a mix of controls, extravagant outfits, audio checks: it seems to breathe the air twenty-five years before. The trepidation grows.

After the show of Phil Campbell and the Bastard Boys and the Darkness, the guns fired their strokes and announced that the time came. Pointers, as they have never been, burst onto the stage after the distinctive jingle of the Looney Tunes.

The first notes are “It’s so easy,” followed by “Mr Brownstone” and then “Chinese Democracy”, which only briefly interrupts the flow of Appetite for Destruction, the debut album of the Guns. In fact, the wave continues with “Welcome to the Jungle”, probably one of their most successful songs, but certainly one of the most important in rock history.

“Double talking jive” starts the hits of Use your Illusions, along with “Estranged”, “Coma”, “You could be mine,” and the other inevitable traces of Use Your Illusion II, “Civil War” and “Yesterday”.

They play, sing and run from one side of the stage just like before. And there are also the glamorous virtuosity of Slash, who paid off with his perfect “Wish been Here” technique by Pink Floyd and “Speak Softly Love”, as well as having played at some point with the guitar behind his head!

Even Duff McKagan, the bassist has shown his great form, singing the cover of Misfits “Attitude”, featured in The Spaghetti Incident ?. Meanwhile, hours pass and Axl, manwhile has made more dress changes than Slash’s guitar changes, has not lost any blow. Until the last sharp!

Of course, they could not miss the most famous ballads, which crowned their success “Do not Cry” and “November Rain”, but to close they chose the most iconic piece: “Paradise City”, sending everyone to the other world!


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