Screening Room: the Home-Cinema Premiere

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screening room

Screening Room. Img credits e rights: Stephen Bowler

The news is the kind that make a bang: you can see the films at home simultaneously with the release in theaters.
News to go crazy? Yes, but I would say … finally!
The films have become a consumer product, we watch several different movies at week, we are used to having mobile applications that allow us to see a movie or an episode of a TV series at any time and do not think this has taken away something at the cinema, also to the political cinema, in fact, you have not to take these innovations as a commodification, but as food for its disclosure.
Well, apart from that, the news is that maybe soon we will have the opportunity to see the upcoming movies in the cinema directly home with Screening Room.
Screening Room is an innovative service that fulfills a dream that many of us already had, ie not become unstuck from the couch to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster or the intense drama if we had a working and personnel day so devastating that we don’t want put our nose out of the house.
However, we may decide to spend a night at the movies when we want to stay a little out of home or watch a movie premiere, wearing pajamas, if we want to stay within the household hearth.

The idea is excellent, in fact we expected that sooner or later someone starts out the enterprise, but we expected, because we’re not talking about a normal service, we are talking about a service that could upset the entire film market, especially with waht regard to the major of distribution and the owners of cinema.
In short, this project starts with a whole world against, so it needed a horse breed, a person who enjoy to upset the world, in fact, one of the co-founders is none other than Sean Parker, the man who has made crazy the worldwide music distribution with Napster, the first portal of sharing of songs. Sean was also the first president of Facebook, of which now holds a percentage, along with a percentage also of Spotify of wich is a member of the board.

Accompanying him in this latest affront to the establishment world, a man forged in the world of entertainment and a media guru, Prem Akkaraju, former Chief Content Officer at SFX Entertainment, LLC.
Let’s say that if definitely some majors attempt to object to this enterprise, Screening Room on the other hand is already reaping weight supporters, such as Martin Scorsese, J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, including some of them have also invested their own funds for the development of this start-up.
Another problem could come directly from the market, because this new platform has a premium price not really low-end, the one that usually opens the door in the consumer world, it is in fact 50 usd a movie to see it in conjunction with the ‘opening in theaters, which remains available to the customer for the 48 hours of purchase.

In addition it takes 150 usd for the anti-piracy kit to assemble at home. Let’s say the target, if the service remains so, is not among the widest, but let’s see what will happen, because the scenarios in these launch periods change from day to day.
In fact, to convince the studios and theaters owners to support them, Screening Room could give up to 20 usd of the 50 of the fee to the owners of theaters. To improve the offer, customers who will buy the movie from Screening Room also receive two free tickets to go see the film at the theater. This could already be an operation to promote the use of Screening Room, though it not seems yet a stable and definitive idea.
Surely this platform represents a crossroads for the cinema, which is trying to understand what has to do with the massive technologization of our times. The best thing to set well these new possibilities of use of the cinematographic works, is one that is also what the founders probably are trying to do, which is, bring in the company, as investors and shareholders own, the Studios, Majors and theater owners.
If things will go well, it will also to be seen how it will behave the home and mobile entertainment market, so be careful out there, Netflix and companions, Screening Room is coming ….
For now it’s all, as soon as we know more we will let you know.

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